Earliest you’ve transplanted

I have heard not to transplant a seedling until it had two or three true leaves. Has anyone done it earlier then this? Theories and wisdom appreciated. Thank you kindly.

Transplanting your plant can be very stressful to both the plant and you. This year I started using quart nursery bags. I just pop them into their next home.


Early transplants are tougher than late transplants, just not enough roots to hold the medium together so it can fall apart on you pretty easily. Can be done but have to be real careful and best to cut the cup off rather than trying to pull it out of the cup and when the medium is moist to better stick together.


For me transplant is driven by root development. If the roots have not developed enough to fill the container and hold the soil together then there is no compelling reason to expose the plant to the stress of transplant.

That said, I normally transplant the first time between 14 and 18 days after they emerge from the soil.


I appreciate all the answers. It just seems this time around my coco is muddy almost. Have another new bag.

I have some of those on the way.

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Thank you. Germination thread was a good idea.

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I transplant photos from solo to 1 gallon then into 3 or 5 gallon permanent home and only when roots are pretty developed in solo or visible coming out drain holes on 1 and 3 gallon containers as I feel like this keeps the plant growing upwards as well as downwards if too early or into too large a next home much of the growth is downwards. visualize if you can the roots need something to push against for the plant to grow upwards. It’s how I see the plant developing.

If im doing a seedling in solo cup i normally dont transplant until the plant leaves are about two to three inches out side the rim of the cup

U will find ur coco coir breaks down thats why its muddy but u can still reuse it u throw in more perlite and peat then u just reamend it with worm castings bat guano organic compost

I transplant the moment I see root in the bottom edge of the clear cup regardless of what’s happening up top

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Is it possible to keep a seedling small until you wish to veg it? Or will it mess it up? For example, could you deliberately keep it small if you needed another two or three weeks before you let it do it’s thing? Thank you kindly.

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Sure, just like how I keep my clones small for a couple months while waiting on the donor plants to flower/harvest to see if they are worth keeping. I do so with an early topping and removing large fan leaves and reduced light (though not reduced enough to cause stretch) and feedings, really slows them down and keeps them small.

Another way without the bonsai trimming would be to over-water them on purpose (if in soil) then back to wet/dry cycles when time to grow fast. Just pretend you’re a newb grower and break out that spray bottle and spray those seedlings daily or even a few times daily, really slows them down.

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I appreciate the answer. Thought maybe I could but was not sure. I may see what ones don’t like to be thirsty, and cull them. Some of these once started will be outside with a three month veg indoors. Thank you kindly.

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I transplanted my GSCExtreme auto seedling at 3 days old, I expected to wake up to a wilted, dead plant.

Thank you. Put four into 2 gallons. Two into three gallons.


Maybe tomorrow I might put some into 3 gallons. Here is what I have now.

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Thank you kindly. They held up for quite a bit.

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