Eagles’ 🦅 Nest

Seeds came a day early, sweet! One each; black widow, bruce banner, and skywalker dropped at 10am 1/7. Will be transferred to paper towel when they sink. Then into three gallon pots filled with

When they crack and show me some tail. They will veg in my little 1x3 tent under 135 hlg kit for the foreseeable future. Nutrients will be jacks 321.


@Unknown tag as requested


Nice! Ive been eyballing all their seeds HARD lately… i crave some Skywalker… looks good, i got my chair and bag of smoke :+1:


Yeah I’ve seen some awesome grows on here with ilgm genetics and the descriptions of these, especially the bb and bw, have me drooling.

Glad to have you aboard!


Thank u much I’m here an set, with a note pad. I shall return tho, all these bads$$ grows goin on, they just don’t give you enough of the :green_heart: button


Haha, heard!


Im gonna just pull up my chair right over here on the side and enjoy the show. Good luck!


Welcome! Thanks for stopping in.

Banner and skywalker sunk in their jars and have been transferred to paper towels.


Pots were watered in yesterday with 1/3 gallon each tap water with great white added. Ph won’t be altered until I begin feeding. First seed just starting to crack

We’re off to a sloppy start. For those of you who stopped by the last journal…this won’t come as a shock :rofl:. Since it was getting chilly but not cold last night I figured I’d leave house heat off and stick the seeds on the cable box for a little warmth. I forgot to transfer the plant tags with the lids so now we’re guessing who is who. In addition I fell asleep and let the paper towels dry out, woops. I reckon they’ll be fine.


“They did that” change the names to protect the innocent…what your name? What? Who ME!

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So how does this work? You let the seeds soak in water until they crack to make sure they are good? Then you put them in the pot you are going to grow in?


Are they transferred in to a paper towel for how long?


I let them soak until they sink as I take this as a sign that they are now hydrated. No point in soaking longer in my mind. Then I put them in paper towels until they crack and show a white tail. This tells me they are viable seeds. I’ve had two or three that never cracked and one that cracked but was black inside. So crack and white tail tells me it’s good. Soon as I determine they are good they go into final pot…or whatever size pot I have room for…usually takes less than 48 hours total from starting soak to crack and tail. Will update this current grow in 40 minutes at 10am which will mark the 24 hour point from starting soak. I expect one will be ready to plant.


Sounds like a great way to start


Thanks! It has treated me pretty well. I used to do a 24 hour soak then straight into dirt, which was also highly effective, but if they hadn’t cracked at 24 hours I was always tempted to dig them up and check on them. Which never hurt either. But I like this new way better


24 hours since first dropped in water. I wasn’t paying too much attention because I didn’t figure I’d have to do identify the seeds by open recall but I THINK sky walker and Bruce banner have cracked open.

I fluffed up and removed sticks and such from top two three inches of the pots. Drop seed on top. Sprinkle some dirt from sides on it. Mist heavy. Will mist top heavily whenever dirt turns that dry color.


Trouble maker of the pack eyeing my plants. Don’t want to find out what she’s planning.


Absolutely GORGEOUS chocolate pitt man. Beautiful doggo



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48 hours in. Stubborn girl (black widow) cracked her shell and we rolling!

For now they are living in the middle of the bathroom floor.

Some rude old gals are taking their time getting out of the 1x3

No action to report on skywalker and banner