E76ers first grow

First pic is Red Strawberry Banana auto, turned two week old (from sprout) yesterday, second is Lemon Haze auto, gonna be two week old tomorrow. Are they looking good for their age? Currently they’re under a Mars Hydro TS1000 dimmed 75%, 18/6 and on half strength nutes. First time so I don’t know what to expect, hence the question.


This is the most common question for first time growers. :grin:

Your plants look to me. :man_mage: Happy growing and welcome to the community of growers. You are officially a cannabis grower.


Looking like a good start. Good luck and post your progress!


Lookin great. If I had to have a strong critique I would say they’re a little light in color, could just be the pic or maybe they’re ready for stronger nutes. In either case I think they’re getting ready to take off,fasten yer seatbelt




That’s what I’m looking for, a strong critique, I don’t really know what I’m doing and I want to do it the best I can so thanks a lot for mentioning that, every little information helps. They do appear a little lighter on these pics than they are, probably because of the strong led light, but they’re also not the deepest shade of green, so now I know it can be because of the nutes, I guess I’ll give them a day or two then up the dosage. Thank very much you for your reply.


Thanks, I was worried they’re too small or something. I’ve no idea what to expect. And you can be sure I’ll post my progress, they’ll probably take the form of questions but still, they’ll be updates. :smile:


Yeah, I guess. I’ve never seen 'em grow, only the final product so I had no idea how they should look like after two weeks. The replies made me a lot less worried so thanks for that.


Every one of us started just like you. For me that was 5 years ago. You will get a lot of help and learn a lot from all of the amazing growers on this forum.

When you smoke or vape your first harvest , you will be filled with pride (and stoned on your butt :grin:). It may be the best bud you have ever used. That has certainly been true for me.


Well, I don’t have that high (pun intended) expectations of myself for the first time, but I hope you’re right.
I’m trying to learn as much as I can so it doesn’t go horribly bad, but sometimes my head literally hurts from taking in all the new information, it’s a lot. I’ve never grown anything, it’s all new for me. Been reading everything I could find for the last month, I’m at the point that I look at my mom’s plants and tell her they’re not in a good shape. :laughing: Yet I still question everything, from lights through nutes to temp/humidity. I’m always afraid I’ll fuck something up so it’s been great to hear they’re doing alright.


Your ladies are looking very good! You have come to the right place to be successful, lots of great growers and lots of knowledge. Happy Growing :v: :slightly_smiling_face:


You all are amazing, it’s like a whole another side of the internet. I’ve been used to the toxicity of gaming forums and y’all just here to help and share your success. I’m glad I’ve joined. Thanks.


Welcome @e76ers

With cannabis, less is more(except for light :wink:) Less water(except that you are in hydro. duh), less nutes, less “tending to” or less than you will want to do. You can’t do everything so don’t try to learn everything(at once).
You appear to be on track so buckle up. It can be a wild ride!


You will NOT find a better growmunity brother (or sister). We all want to see each other succeed and reap the benefits of the hard work and dedication we put towards our hobby. 4 years ago i put a seed in the ground after 20 years of not growing. I found this community a year ago and they accepted me like family. Im able to show my grows and be critiqued and every day im jumping down a new rabbit hole trying to fill my head with knowledge to improve my next grow.

Grab a seat, hit this blunt, and get ready for a magic carpet ride!


You will love it here. It’s not like other forums. :blush::v:


Welcome to the forum happy to have you here


@merlin44 …Sumed it all up…The first time I grew my own buds…(Ilgm Blueberry) and smoked my own "homegrown "…I felt a sense of accomplishment.There is nothing like it if you like smoking weed.Its yours you know whats in it…you labored and fussed and worried and nurtured it…very rewarding…even if its not the best in the world…Its yours!..Good Luck.


Rule #1 for first timers-
Keep It Simple Stupid.
Unlike me who hastily tried to get my first grow off the ground too fast forgot to add nutrients to the soil before transplanting the seedlings to its final pot (living soil technique), then tried all the low stress training, supercropping, scrogging, etc techniques without knowing why I was doing it. So like somebody said above, make sure your light is adequate, keep feeding and don’t overwater (learn to feel the weight of the pot before and after watering). Unless your going hydro then forget everything I said, :laughing: except KISS.



Nice looking tank setup. :+1:t3:


@TeNNWisKeY EVERYTIME i see your screenname i start singing in my head…

You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey
You’re as sweet as strawberry wine
You’re as warm as a glass of brandy
And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time