E/C's and PPM'S

At point does E/C’s start to hurt the plants.and PPM’s in soil @ what is to much “middle of flower stage”

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I would be concerned with anything over 2500. I’ve had plants upwards for 4000-7500 and, compounded with pH issues, hurt my plants.

I like to keep mine around 1000ppms regardless of lifecycle phase. I do this because I am in a soilless medium and water/nute frequently, about every other day at 1/4 - 1/3 dosage

I’ve seen rules of thumb on the site around 500ppm early, climbing to 1000-1500ppm late veg/early flower, and climbing up to 2000-2500ppm through to late flowering.

your meter probably measures Electrical Conductivity (EC)
3 EC (1500 ppm) is too much for most cannabis and garden plants,
1.0 to 2.0 EC is usually good in mid-late flowering

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