Dynagrow with autos

Got a week old auto ak goin. Seeds from Ilgm and was wanting to keep things simple have it in ff ocean forest mixed with some coco and have some grow and bloom I was thinking of using. Can’t find a schedule and was wondering if autos should be different. I heard Half strength so a tiny squirt in a gallon of water (half of what bottle says) but how often. Every watering? Trying my best to squash any problems before they become an issue. Don’t wanna burn them Can’t find many people using dg any opinions on it?

Once every week, and yes that’s right except I use a 1/4 tsp per gallon

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@Majiktoker I have the cuttings ice cubes and blender could you send me your recipe again?

Glad I asked was about to do every watering. whew. Then I’d be up here saying anybody know what’s wrong with this plant? Cool. Wait til two weeks old to start dg grow? Trying to do better than last one. Buds were a tad floofy. Still quite nice but lookin to keep it right this time.

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@bulldog1, if you go to the topic those of you that use sugars it’s there, should be easy to find in that topic of not then yes I’ll be happy to send you a recipe again

I need to go back. Lol I blended mine like I was mad at it. Super messed up got two ounces buds and trimmy trim left have been studying on what to do with it

“Wait til two weeks old to start dg grow?”

No wait until the 5th week until you feed for first time

Strain and keep getting the trichomes until there is none left

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On an auto? Might skip grow and wait for flowering time then. And just use bloom. Got my space , lights, soil rtc straight but can’t seem to beat the heat. Too anxious to get ak goin never tried sativa-ish weed beggars can’t be chooser down south

Well keep in mind as long as there are 5-7 leaf nodes you can feed, however feeding in bag not really enough time and you’ll feed probably 2 times during flower

Goin hands off this time. 3 weeks with just water and ocean forest Looks good to me