Dyna-gro for foliar feeding

Hi. Does anyone have experience with using Dyna-gro for foliar feeding? I have the Grow & bloom. I’m growing outdoors guerrilla style & think feeding the roots with the nutrients solution might be a waste due to drainage & runoff (I may be wrong). Does anyone know in what ratio to mix the nutrients for foliar feeding? For root feeding, 5ml to 1 gallon of water is recommended. I’m assuming it will have to be less concentrated for foliar feeding. Here’s the plant I want to use it on.

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I’d start with a 1/4 dosage for foliar feeding, so like barely over 1 ml/gal once a week, then bump up to 2ml/gal as the plant gets bigger. Best done in early morning or late afternoon. Also spray some plain water a couple times a week to wash off the nutrient buildup on the leaves.

Not really a waste to feed the roots though, I’ve done that outdoors without any foliar feeding and no problems.


I think she’s doing okay.

I think she has begun to flower?


Yep, looking good.

Just curious, when you use a foliar feeding product do you have to pH it after mixing like you would a regular feeding?

Yes, I would.

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Thank you!

A little over 2 months into flowering. Plant underwent a lot of stress from the storms which snapped some branches. Some of those branches were touching the soil & got a lot of soil on them, which led to those parts rotting. I had to string them up for support. From an experienced grower’s guess, how much more time would you say it still needs to finish.