Dying and yellow leaves

Hi I really need you guys help! My babies are dying and I am not sure what I am doing wrong I haven’t changed their feeding and watering schedule I’ve only changed there nute amount due to them aging but now a lot of the leave are turning yellow and spots are popping up. Can some one please help me out?! I started this grow oct 26th and this is my first grow!

Looks to be calcium deficiency but could be from a ph problem. Looks like they’ve been in flower for a couple weeks have you changed the nutes you are giving em

I have changed the amount but not the brand and how often should I feed them I do it once every 2 weeks? Does this mean I need more cal-mag?

What exactly are you feeding ? Are you adding calmag ?

I use these and yes cal-mag is included. Do you have any recommendations on how much I should feed them for each bottle?

Looks like it might be a magnesium deficiency, yellowing between veins, purple stems (could be genetics), browning, Maybe calcium as well with the rust spots. Or possibly potassium. You can give calmag every time you water, I don’t know to much about advanced nutrients but I think @Hellraiser can help. Also ph issues can cause lockouts as well :+1:

Guys, hope you dont mind. Do fan leaves of autoflower start to yellow and die off indoors when going into flower, like regular strain outdoor plants do? I feel ya here @Yarkwtfgo97. I completely freaked when the major fan leaves started yellowing my first outdoor grow. Then I find out its natural when the girls go into flowering. Not sure these are the typical yellowing. But was wondering if the Auto’s acted the same. I have my first two GG Auto going, broke soil the 14th.


Found a great article from one of the IGLM Administrators USDA reg. Lakewood.
Not sure how to send links. I found it doing a search for “calmag”.

Hope this helps you

Your plants are hungry for everything. You need to go to the advanced nutrients web site and use the nutrient calculator to get a feeding schedule.