DYI still questions/observations

So I completed building my recovery still. While I was able to achieve a -30 bar vac all night I was having a hard time keeping it in balance.
Heat source was slightly in question so moved to electric stove.

I was trying to evap it all the way down to oil and not spend hours cleaning it all up, so I put a silicone mat inside with the corners pinned. after some time I realized that the thermal coupling was probably an issue so I put a bit of olive oil under it and that helped for a moment. I’d get bursts of boiling which sent everything splattering up on the lid then it would calm down to nothing. I eventually got it all the way down with some discouragement.
One thought is that my reclaim chamber is half the size of my loading chamber. I know with a compressor the size of the tank matters as much as the motor. so I wonder if the volume of vacuum of each pot contributes to the systems balance. i.e. a bigger chamber will suck a lot longer when pressure is released than a small chamber will under the same vacuum.
I can post pics and lists later if I can get time. (at work) But has anyone gotten this system to work with a smaller reclaiming chamber?

Also any tips for a newbee about collecting this sacred goo? and should I have just put it in the loading chamber directly, without the mat? I was not prepared for the collection operation lol!!

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@TeNNWisKeY may chime in here

The only thing i put in my still is mash for liquor. I have read some into stepping natural oils from herbs in small stills, but i have never used one. Id be interested in seeing some pics though.

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So , what I am talking about is found on this page DIY VACUUM STILL (PART 2): PUTTING TOGETHER AND OPERATION - Home Extraction by IchiBanCrafter

I will try to get pics of what I’m doing when possible.

What is it you are making exactly :thinking:

Omw to work so cant check the link you posted, i will later on.
But heres how i make concentrate and its super easy.

Well, I assume your talking about the still? basically a way to evaporate the ethanol while re-condensing it back into liquid on the other side. also that alcohol boils at a lower temp at a vacuum.

If you are talking about the end product, well I guess what I am going for is a clean extract that my wife can tolerate. but also I’m looking to refine the oil to possibly vape. essentially a clean oil to use for what ever I need.


Same here bro! @TeNNWisKeY
I did just make a post about trying to infuse my shine or something at some point. Have you ever thought or tried anything like that? Good to see another shiner here :tumbler_glass:

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I have definitely thought about. But dont have the extra to experiment with. Plus im still learning how to make decent liquor.

I hear ya. I don’t either now but maybe if I get some stocked up. And like ol popcorn used to say- I made a lotta likker before I knew how to make likker. lol

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