DWC water turning foggy and smelly

Rockwool and rapid rooter is that what your asking??

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Is it rockwool in the infected bucket? have you looked into the net cup see if anything infected there? Just don’t understand where it’s coming from. Is it showing up on the plant?

I change every Friday. I keep finding 1 or 2 ants in the water im trying to find where they are coming from

No the plant is fine it is the water.

I think a dead ant caused the issue I changed water again 2 days ago this time i rinsed the roots off and the water has stayed clear so far.

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That’s a crazy explanation. An ant? Explain?

What was the ant the size of a rat? :clown_face:

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No each plant is in their own 5 gallon bucket. Somehow flying ants are getting into the buckets. I found 3 in a different plant this time. All the other buckets are clean

O ok thank u wicked

Are you sure you dont have fungus gnats and not ants? Also I’d go get yourself some food grade peroxide 35% and dilute it to 3% by mixing 11 to 1 ratio with water and soak it in that for 15-30 min. Replace the bucket with a new one. Good way to kill good and bad bacteria without harming the plant…

Sounds more like you have fungus gnats and if that’s the case you’ll have to start over fresh once this grow is finished in order to get rid of those suckers. The larvae live off the roots while the flys with continue to lay eggs and infect all your plants. Try some go gnats and some sm-90. I’d still do the flush with the peroxide first. Good luck

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Thank you guys for making my point. We can’t even get an agreement on what “might” even work. You’ve probably tried the suggestions already anyway and still have the stinky plants. Put the garbage in the trash and stop wondering why it’s stinki. It’s nasty is why! Lol

Its a bug problem

No just regular size ants keep finding their way into the buckets a few at a time Im not sure where they are coming from but im measures to keep them out ill post a pic of the next incident if it happens again

this is what I am dealing with i guess its just regular gnats

Yea hard to tell from that pic but does kinda look like an ant. The fungus gnats are just like other gnats but I don’t think regular gnats would end up in your buckets. Having smelly and foggy water means there is some kind of bacteria in there which under really poor water conditions the fungus gnats can just come out of no where. Once 1 gets them they all will have them. They won’t kill your plants but do start to have an effect on them as the larvae feed on the roots. They are super hard to see with naked eye so they can go unnoticed for quite some time. Hope it’s not what you have but just my feeling if it’s tiny and has wings. You’ll know soon enough as it will get worse and you’ll start seeing then flying out from the plants. They lay their eggs down in the roots and that’s the only way I could see gnats just start appearing in your system. Did you clean out that one bucket and flush your roots? That would be a good way to see if they are in there if you soaked them in that food grade diluted down to 3%. The importance of the food grade is they put additives in the regular hydrogen peroxide to stabilize the molecules. You want that unstable bond because that’s what fights off any bacteria, fungus, root rot when that extra oxygen breaks away to either destroy bacteria or join another oxygen to form O2. You can soak them for a good hour and you plants with love it. I’ve done it so you don’t have to worry about hurting them or anything. The h2o2 is beneficial in more ways than one so I’d start with a h2O2 soaking to start and clean the crap out of equipment while it’s soaking. Personally I use bleach if it’s something that might be hard to kill. Hope this helps

Things were much better and back to normal this morning its time for weekly water change tonight so Im going to treat the water this time and ive got some ant killer to keep them out that should fix my issue.