DWC Water Depth


I started 2 DWC grows, they’re established and a few weeks old. I have the plant in a small rock wool square surrounded by clay pellets in net baskets. The roots are about 6-8 inches. I was wondering how deep the water should be, should it be touching the bottom of the rockwool or net basket or much lower?


an inch or so lower than the bottom of the basket


Ok thanks. Mines way too low then. I started out with it touching the bottom of the rockwool when it was just sprouting but though I started to smell mould so I dropped it down about 6 inches from the basket.


ya you dont need it to touch the basket at any point. if the roots havent grown down yet just top water regularly until they reach water level. after a while the roots will sit nicely in the water and you dont top feed then. fyi ive never used dwc i have just read a lot about it on this forum.


Check your plants to make sure the mold smell is not coming from the cage.

rockwool gets soggy when it stays wet too long. that might be where the bad smell is coming from.


Just go half, 2.5 in a 5 gal and 1.25 in a 3 gal with an 8" net pot. you need and airstone in there


I’ve good good air stones, I flushed it all out and cleaned the net pots and lowered the water, since then the smell is gone and the roots have stretched down to the water and are nice and white


I even germinate seedling, I never move them

I never top feed, at 1 week root already in the water


I have a one week old with a root too!! I run about 3 gallons in each 5 gallon bucket.


Seedlings 8-9 days. I do tricking things :mage:


good job! thats a nice tap root


Wait till you guy’s learn how to grow without the hydrotone… :wink:
Lookin good tho… :wink:



@peachfuzz come on u cant say something like that and just walk away… tell me pls. how do you grow without hydroton


Ha, ha,ha… I only use neoprene collars and water… that’s it… and nutrients of course… but no media… no bug issue since going this rout… @basementstealth I’ll see if I still have some pics… everything I use , I built for my needs… lol
So simple , it rocks and simple cleaning… :wink:
I’ll get you guys some pics… :grin:



I love my hydroton, its like an old friend. I don’t even wash it


i hear u grow monsters


Here’s some pics of my pots… I start off with 1 1/2 neoprene collars and when I transplant up from my cloning unit , to my vegg unit , i just put that collar inside of a bigger collar that fits in a bigger net cup… and i do this one more time when i go from vegg unit to flower unit… it’s still smaller than a 6 inch net basket… so i have way more room for water and nutrients… :wink:
The pots are only there for one reason… to keep the plants from falling over… :wink:

Hope that makes sense… I’ll get some pics up of the units that they go into if your interested… :wink:



One thing I don’t like about hydroton is my Ferret ran up and downed a piece like its kibble. Thank god she passed it.
That’s why im scared to have the foam cloning rings around


Best to bring it right up to the basket. No sense in drenching the rockwool cube. :slight_smile:


I lock up the vegg room when ever hes out… that’s weird that he ate it… I have a box of lava rocks for him to play in and hes never tried to eat any… maybe my ferret is just really picky about what he eats… hes spoiled so it makes sense… :grin: