DWC Starter help


Hi all…sorry to be late to the discussion…I have been an outdoor grower, recently bought a cheap 5 gallon container, an aerator, LED lights, etc. kit. Will the information @Latewood supplied work for a simple - non reservored (if that is a word) system.
In Advance thanks!


Looking just fine for 2 weeks and 2 days. What you think @Bogleg


Hard to tell without natural light but looks like everything is running smoothly!


@Bogleg I need you man, I did a water change yesterday and the leafs started to curl up like this, I think it’s nutrient burn am I right? The bottom leafs started to turn brown and curl down. I followed the GH chart, I have 4.5 litre bucket so I add, 6ml micro, 6ml gro and 3.5ml bloom and finally I add 6ml sensei calmag (it says 2ml per litre but I use a little less), I changed the water right now and the measurments are as follows, ph 6.2 and tds is 1060ppm, I think whats throwing my measurments off bounds is the calmag what do you suggest? I’m using distilled water which ppm is 10ppm. Thanks for any help I appreciate.



You can use distilled water bro, just be patient with your readings and measure them out over a period of time. It’s hard to get an EC value from distilled water because there is virtually nothing to conduct electrical current in there and since ppm is measured the same way as EC either one can lead you astray when using distilled. If you add nutrients and let them circulate for awhile so you can get a decent reading.
The last picture I seen of your plants they looked a little small to be running a ppm that high, at least if you did not gradually work your way up to it.

@Bogleg is gonna be gone like another 5 days or so I think.

If your super worried, do yourself another reservoir change and drop your nutes down, and don’t take PH or EC readings immediately. Wait 10-15 minutes then come back and check, make your adjustments, then come back and check again.

Hope this helps :muscle:


That’s what I did, I waited to measure the ppm, so what I can understand is that the GH chart of drain to waste is just and indication?


I just took a quick look at your plants, I didn’t know how old they are. If your following that chart it means your gradually moving up which is good.

Change out that resovoir, lower back down to your previous ppm, and double check that PH meter is calibrated and you should be good!


I recommend starting at half of what the GH chart says slowly increasing from there.


should you be using bloom this early?