DWC Starter help


What do you mean by normal drinking water? You mean the water from your tap?


No potable water, the ones you find in plastic bottles to drink.


Ahh I see - well, I would test it with my PH tester and PPM tester and then decide if I want to use it; I would expect it would be perfectly fine to use. If you are buying potable water by the gallon you might as well buy distilled water - I don’t think it costs any more in stores around here.


So what exactly the difference between distilled and potable do I need to add something differently to it? Also the charts you sent me they show different measurements, which one is should I use? 1 tablespoon is 5ml


Well, I’m not a water expert but distilled should be PH 7 and almost no PPM. Bottled drinking water is probably pretty close to that, I imagine.

I would generally go by the PPM chart (the second one). But I would go with half what they recommend during veg and slowly increase it while monitoring my plants for any signs of nutrient issues. The first chart is from another growing site and is roughly 50% of what GH recommends themselves.


So I would go off better by following the second chart, what do you think?


That’s the one I would use and am now using, yes.


Great, so should I go precisely as the measurements go or should I reduce them a bit?


That’s up to you, but I personally started at half what they recommended then increased each week. I ended up right at the PPMs and amounts they suggested in the last few weeks of flower.


What do you think is wrong bogleg? I transplanted from soil to hydro 3 days ago, I know that it get a “shock” for a week or so to get used to roots in water but is this normal mate?


I am going to need more information. How do clean the soil off of the roots? What is the PH of your water in the reservoir? What, if any nutes have you put in the water? Is there enough oxygen going to the roots? What do the roots look like right now? Are you using distilled water or condensate as discussed in the thread? What’s the PPM on it (just in case)?

After 3 days I would expect the plant to have bounced back from the transition based on my EXTREMELY limited experience. I had a plant that did this and in my case it turned out to be an accidentally unplugged air stone, so the roots weren’t getting any oxygen.


I cleaned the soil off the plant by dipping it in distilled water until clean, about the pH I just checked and for some reason it went up to 7 (I think this was the problem), nutes I put in as instructed in the sheet of General Hydroponic Drain to Waste with 4 liters of water, oxygen I doubt it there any problem I have a large circular air stone with a good pump, roots looks quite healthy white, I used a mix of distilled water and drinking water, ppm went up to 472 when I added pH down, temp of water is 20 degrees Celsius (built a peltier cooler) and temp in grow room is 28 degrees Celsius (not sure how to get it lower I have a fan and an extractor running both 24/7.


If it were me I would change out my reservoir with PH 5.8 water, go with no added nutes, and see how it responds.


28c isn’t horrible for the grow room. My tent hit they high of a temp daily.

@Myfriendis410 do you have any other suggestions?


Are you top watering until the roots reach the water? If not she might be thirsty @Donaldj @kabongster @ktreez420 are hydro so they will be better


The roots are well below water level, I think the pH was the problem will check on it later on


I will give that a try aswell will keep you updated


I’m not a hydro guy. You’ve got some good help though.


Sorry, for some reason I thought you were… my bad.


Seems like things are getting better now, maybe it was the shock from changing from soil to hydro, exactly 1 week passed