Dwc small leaf spot blotches

I have a ww auto in ph balanced water in rockwool cube that i am having a issue with. There seem to be small blotches on the leaves. I have water level a tiny bit under the net pot and just fed half of what the feeding schedule said. This is week 2 of feeding last week i did less than that last time

Also pic is with just camera flash but best quality my crappy phone can take.


Put a dome over it and recheck the PH of your solution. TDS should be no higher than 250 to 300 ppm. Ph 5.5 plus or minus .3.

If any water droplets sat on the leaves the light will burn spots in.


Thats gotta be it right there water droplets i sprayed the top of the whole bucket with my pump sprayer when the humidity got low (humidifier was acting weird yesterday).

I have been told ph of 6.3. I dont recall where i heard that so i can’t site but is 5.5 better…because i will lower it rn if so.

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Hydroponic runs at a lower value than soil. What I said is correct.

Ok thanks lowered it to 5.5 hopefully that helps it. What are your thoughts on water level with it being in rockwool?

I need help and don’t know how to post a question. I’m in week 7 of flowering and my babies look sick :sob:. I just treated them with green cleaner for spider mites a few days ago but now they look like this HELP PLEASE.

Pics without the Purple light are helpful to see the true coloration on the affected leaves. What is your feeding schedule, and what are you feeding them, and how much, and are these AUTOS or PHOTOS

I feed them fox farms Big bloom and tiger bloom about once a week. They are just seeds I got out of something I bought. They have been good until now. I give 2 tsp of the big bloom and 3 tsp of the tiger bloom. I’ve never been very good at ph balance. Do you think this could be the problem?

What is the medium you are growing in?

Have you ever used CalMag at any point through your grow? Pics without the Blurple light would be helpful

I’m using fox farm soil.

No I haven’t at all.

@MrPeat, @Dman1969, @Hellraiser, @Myfriendis410. Would you like to weigh in on @Jennyd issues. I have a feeling it could be a CalMag deficiency…she just told me she has not put in any during the entire grow. @Jennyd what Fox Farm Soil are you using as there are many different ones. Giving them CalMag will not hurt them at all…it doesn’t mean those spots will go away it just means any new growth will not exhibit those symptoms, if in fact that is the issue. However, you stated that you are 4 weeks into flower, so your plant is not putting on anymore vegetative growth. Stick with Fox farm because that what you have been using all along. Also this far into flower I am not sure if this will remedy your situation, but like I said it wont hurt.

The one leaf looks like a Phosphorus deficiency by the black leaves.


@IslandGrown76, @Jennyd Yes, looks like a calmag issue, though at 7 weeks into flowering, I don’t know if it’s worth trying to fix at this point, would not hurt to give it a shot of calmag now if you have it or can get some quickly or could just ride it out to the finish line.


My net dropped before I could say Cal-mag as well.


I agree. And I too would dose with cal mag until about 3 weeks or so before harvest.

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@Jennyd did you see our responses?? In future grows, CalMag is something that should be used periodically in waterings. Also with phosphorous deficiency that may have to so with you feeding schedule because those Nutes contain different levels of phosphorous. Call Fox Farm and talk with tech department, they are super nice and helpful.

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