Dwc roots in solution

Im wondering about my roots in a dwc,do i keep the solution always and inch or so below the baskets? Or do i keep the solution leven below the roots and let them hang in the air? What do i do?

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Keep at least 3/4 -1" of space till roots reach down from basket, then you can drop it a little more once the roots are long enough to reach down in bucket

They are hanging down nicely,do i keep that distance all the time or will
the roots dry up

Hey @Happygrow as long as your air bubbles splashing is keep your hydroton or what ever medium your using moist at the bottom of your net you should be fine.

So the roots wont drown with solution that high?

No the roots can hang in water without drowning as long as you leave the aforementioned gap

the whole reason for gap is to protect trunk from being too wet the moisture in your unit is mist like and so long as baskets are getting sprinkled some the plant is fine. It can be lower a bit when roots are in the water since you don’t need or want a very wet trunk and roots will provide adequate water to plant after they are in solution

Now i understand,thank you,those buckets really fill up with root mass