DWC really that easy?


Pig farm smell,is from the microbes in the naturally inoculated growing soil.


Oh yeah, and I need that to feed the girls, but worth noting. Those with sensitive smelling. Might get put off by it.


Lots of good info up there :arrow_up::arrow_up: . You’ve answered some questions I’m sure I would have had been asking soon. Thanks for all the info :v::green_heart:


I’m good there… 600 watts on 3 WWAF’s.


Yes, I’ve had major problems with water temps with my Kratky or Passive DWC grow. I did find a fix.

But for the resilience to cold of the plant’s genetics, I could have lost the whole lot due to carelessness and lack of research.

Details can be read here.


I know you all have already been there, but this is so much fun to me…


DWC reversed all my stupid decisions with soil. Not that you can’t reverse those stupid decisions with better soil knowledge. But I can say that DWC made this easy for me. Oliver Northy will probably be a weak yield, but I love what I learned from this.


SOG method with 4 plants in a 2x2 space is _______…oh just wait for them to get 2-3 x as big in flower.


Yep… when I planted the 4th, the Jan 17 plant was curling up into itself like a wet spider from being overfed in soil, transplanted, then transplanted again into the DWC system… absolutely did not expect it to survive. Then it took off, again.

They’re WW autos, so there’s not really much of a way to correct the situation. What I get is what I get. But once I harvest the big 3, I’ll replace them with 2, and then probably stick with 2 going forward.


Been there done that too. Popped a couple more seeds whe I thought I lost one only for it to survive. But they was in a 4 x4. Finding ppl are so excited to grow they pop too many seeds.

Own big is that space? If it’s 2x2 you would be better off with 1. I can fit 2 comfortably in a4x4 but if I add 2 more I am severely overcrowding all of them.


2x2, 4 feet tall. The key is I’m doing WW autos, which are supposed to be pretty small compared to most. Once I harvest the January plant, I should have a better idea how that works out.

It certainly looks like I won’t be able to grow more than one normal plant in this box, though.


Update: They’re getting there… I think the 3 are close to Max height and just need to grow out. There are some early leaves that are looking pretty messed up. Might be from a couple weeks ago when power was out for about 16 hours.

A newly realized complication from my inexperience in choosing to go with 3(and then 4…hooboy) plants is the amount of water these ladies suck up. I suppose if I was doubling mass every few days, I’d be drinking alot of water, too. But anyhoo, it’s clear: 1-2 plants at most or I can never vacation, again.


We are having fun though!


In my 2x2 I use a “file” type tote that supposedly is 7.5 gallons:

If I run two plants on top of that thing it’s pretty stable for a few days at a time.


Those are a great deal! Even cheaper then my Walmart buckets and they are black!


Thanks, Bog! I’ll check it out!


I went to Wally World and they don’t stock that 6-pack. You need to order online. Closest stock item was a clear 7.5gal and that won’t work.


I got lucky and found two of them at the Wally World near me. Hit or miss, unfortunately, when it comes to their totes. You might try Home Depot. Maybe there is a Tuffy version or whatever they sell.


I fell back to the 5 gal buckets with lids. Picked up some green buckets to add to my blue repertoire. Still white lids. Next grow going to cover them with cardboard to avoid the algae. Gotta love a 5gal bucket w/ lid for under $5.


Ive never had an algae problem." Used to cover everything but it was a waste of time for me"it may not be a problem for you. I painted some but it just flakes and makes a big mess, ill never paint anything in my grow room again. I got the ten-pack of 5 gal black buckets, very useful buy.