DWC really that easy?



The reason I asked, I have noticed, when I start my seedlings and put them into the rockwool for their first transfer to the bucket, after they are in their new home, if I starve them with water just out of their reach, the plant tends to focus on the root system. But when I got the water to close, or give it plenty of water where it doesn’t have to work as much, the roots growth slows and the growth then turns to the top.

So the reason I asked the question, I seen your method is a little different from mine, with the method you use, have you noticed it effect the growth in any way?

In your method


Once the plant has established roots I get massive growth.





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@kw_Bat I am with you I only put 3 gallons of water in a five gallon bucket just so it stays damp at the roots until the roots get to the water


@kw_Bat @gardenguy So let me understand? Your roots are out of the water and only relying on the moisture from the bubbling? And your roots grow faster than having them submersed? That’s a paradigm shift for me. Always thought you needed to have the roots submersed or touching the water.


That is correct!


Wow. Something new and interesting. I actually drilled my lids to allow for air escape because I was getting water overflow through the basket with the bubbling. Even so, I still continue to get massive root growth even after its established. It just takes 1 month to really establish itself.


I also have some GH water farm buckets that I use they also keep water below the net but drip on the clay pellets to keep them damp


right… so if you lower that water…you will see faster take off.

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That is correct!

When I place the seedling in the rockwool, I do so dry, allowing the root to hang 1 to 3 inches below the rockwool depending on the length of the plant. Allowing the root to be covered up by the medium that I am using at the time “clay”. The water will be blow the bucket just far enough that the root has to stretch looking for water. Then when the transplant to the bucket is complete and have the water below the bucket line, I will very lightly mist the plant to keep it some moisture so it will not die while the roots are growing. AT this point, I normally see very little growth for a few days to a week, 'this depends on how far the roots have to grow to hit water. Once they do hit the water, it will blow up…

With the rockwool soaked… and roots already in water, it will slow the plant growth big time when entering into the veg stage? my experience.


The plant that is in the bucket I took the picture of is one week old and I am expecting the roots to hit the water tomorrow


This is how I set mine up. I have about 1 1/2 inches of space below my 8" net baskets. Mediocre growth until contact with the water then it was “Hold 'er Newt!” haha.

Having the upper part of the stem remaining wet risks damping off issues.

And yeah: the growth is ridiculous.


Will have to try it next time. I always seem to get nasties in the net pot until I allow it to dry out after roots are established. By flushing the nasties are cleared up, but by keeping the rockwool and pebbles relatively dry initially the nasties may not have enough water to establish in the first place. Great tip. Thanx!


@WickedAle one more question, thanks for the discussion on it, for it helps me learn.

Are you having “nasties” problem build up before the roots really hit the water?


Not initially, only when the plant shades out and provides little air circulation at the net pot.


Kool, I see, well you plants do look well that is for sure!


The lower leaves do get really nasty when this happens, but those get cut off and the problem clears up because of air/light allowed to get in.


My current crop I was only flooding four times during lights on when I started (turns out that wasn’t really ideal for them), and my root development was pretty solid while the plants themselves looked like crap up top:

That pic is one month from germination - two weeks after I moved them from my bubble cloner to the table.


I use a mix of FFHF and Natures Living Soil. No added nutrients needed, and as long as water is between 6 and 8 pH, I won’t have any issues. One nasty side effect I’ve found using it. When you open the tent, it smells like a pig farm like in there lol. If I did want to give a boost in feeding, I add 1/4" layer of the living soil. To the top of the regular soil. I think it comes down to what feels natural to the grower. I care more about plant training than also checking water ph, ppm, etc all the time. Personal preference to me. One day I’ll give hydro a go, but for now, I’m happy with soil.