DWC really that easy?


I have a 9 piece witches brew I cant do without :mage:


I’m still trying to deconstruct the additives in flower. That’s where the pH can really get out of whack and you will need to invest in a pH and a TDS meter. Start with the basics and you can get by with just the GH Flora series and get great yields. @motormage Don’t skimp out on the light! Most important component BY FAR!


Home Depot coolers… that’s effin’ brilliant!


@WickedAle @boardsbird @Bogleg I’m almost at the end of week 3 of flower. I’m using GH maxibloom at 1/4 strength. If I get over 800 PPM’s they drink more than they eat. In other words, my water level keeps going down, and my PPM’s continue to rise. Is this normal, or should I be doing something different.


Let me game this out so I understand. I don’t recall how big your reservoir is so I will go with 10 gallons for example.

So you start with 10 gallons of water at 800ppm. In a day let’s say the plant drinks 5 gallons. The remaining five gallon is now at a ppm of let’s say 1200.

You add 5 more gallons of water with no nutes - let’s say it’s 100ppms coming out of the tap.

Once you add water back in you are saying your PPMs are higher?


No sir. Using your same example. I start out with 800 PPM’s. When I check it the next day, it’s like 850. The other day I added nutes and checked. PPM- 900. The next 2 days I added 5gal water with hydrogaurd and calmag. Once my PPM’s got below 800, things got better. I was told before, that when water level dropped, and PPM’s stayed the same, that was the sweet spot. Is this correct?


Before or after you top off the reservoir?


Before top off


That’s totally normal. The more important number is what it looks like after you top it off. If it’s lower after you raise the water level back up, you are fine.


My standard water (150ppm) and level of nutes is 1100-1200 PPM for the basic 1to2 formula 25-30ml Micro/ 50-60ml Bloom. I have seen what you describe once the plants start to flower and I just top up with water to maintain the level. I always top up with water and dump every 7-14 days depending on how fast the plants are drinking.

I haven’t moved to dry yet. Want to use up my liquid first.


It is lower once I top off. Do you think I should raise my PPM’s? I just notice other people running 1100-1200 PPM’s and don’t want to get left behind. On the other hand, they ARE using different nutes and I didn’t know if that made a difference. I just want them to be all that they can be. :grin:


Do what works for you. If you get good results at the 1/4 strength great. Please show some pictures! I’ll back off too. Always feel I’m wasting nutes with my weekly dump.


How much lower is it after the top off? Normally if mine is going down 100ppms a day I decide to raise it.

The GL that I posted to you in that other thread about stems was a really finicky plant that showed major issues whenever I tried to get it over 800ppms… but the last one I grew I had up to 1400ppms in late bloom. Your plants look good, I would consider a minor (100ppm or so) bump.


hey Wicked, Got a Question for you, I see in your photo you have the water level kinda high in the bucket, when comparing to where I try to keep mine.

So I was just wondering, what your take is on this? how has it worked out for you and so on. Do you have a reason behind this method? or Thanks for any insight and help.


Here’s your picture


@kw_Bat I like keeping my levels high until the roots really are extensive (so the rockwool is partially submersed.). You cannnot drown your plant as long as you have adequate aeration. Think about clones…those the stem is fully immersed and only benefits by creating new root sites. On the down side I have noted that my stones do get grody with algae and other nasties when I run high and can make the lower leaves start to go necrotic (spots of brown), but will water flush my basket to wash them out when I dump and refill. Also get some algae on the underside of the lid too, but not to worry. The spray painting didn’t work because it flakes off. Black lids would be best.


@Grandaddy013 was actually looking for plants close to harvest pictures from your previous grows @ 850PPM.


@Grandaddy013 found your grow and switched to watch. Looks like you just switch to Maxi on this grow.

@dbrn32 have my editing functions been switch because of all of my deletes? Looks,like I cannot edit my posts after 5 min.


Which one. I now have 2. Will get you picture when i get home. No Wi-Fi