DWC really that easy?


That’s about where I am, and pumping out the bubbles…

I’m around 280 PPM at the moment. I see PPM on Bergman’s feeding schedule, and other places, of course. Is that an upper limit, or is it what I should strive for? After my blustertruck with soil, I’m very leery of adding nutrients…


I take my plants in their baskets and just run water through them to wash off any bacterial growth/algae that may be affecting the plants at the stem and roots. Had a gold leaf recover just fine. just keep it light on the nutes until it starts peeking up again.


Hey buddy! I’m actually a huge fan of Ebb N’ Flow (Flood and Drain Systems) Some of the nicer ones run about 260-500 and those are bucket from reservoir setups with a controller bucket (if you have the know how to build your own controller bucket you can build a system for about $200), and I’m not sure on retail prices but the Flood and Drain tables (Reservoir is underneath the table which is filled by a pump and then gravity drains back out, this system is actually very easy to build and suitable to a newcomer) are nice as well.

I actually find Hydro to be way easier than soil because I have complete control over everything in a much easier, at least to me, manner than soil.


I just look at my plants everyday and know if my PPM is good
These are running about 1100 to 1250


Look at those stems. Nice set up.


Showoff… :grin:


I realized I needed a bottom out to do SCROG. Always worried about leaks from drilling a bottom out in my buckets so I never did it.


That kinda makes me think you should drill the air tube through the top rather than the bucket. So it’s easier to flush the water. Does that make sense? (again, super-noob here)


Some use pumps. I don’t like to over complicate things so I decided to just create a huge dome of flowers instead… Pull bucket lid with plant out…allow to drip and put into different bucket with new nutes. Easy.


This is super ez to run. change nutes every week then every two days after add 3 gals 2/3 strength nutes
Today I checked ppm was 1300 in one so just poured 1/2gal RO water in and call it good. they are in flower so a high PH helps in potassium intake. I’ll check it tomorrow. see ez


I just broke the main root of my seedling adjusting ph in my bubble buckets"Got caught on the airstone" wonder how that will workout.Thats why I when to RDWC I kept breaking my plants


LOL. I reused my net pots. had them slip through my lid and break off stems… or have the entire plant fall over. Now zip tie the net pots into into the lid. sometimes I am way too cheap. Live by reduce, reuse, recycle.


You can see on the on pic of the stems the plant on the right theres a small bungy cord supporting a branch


Chuckle. isn’t it so fun!


This has been a learning experience! Though I’ll probably have to get to a level to doing this much much later and will be annoying people with questions, again.


That’s what everyone here is for. Ask away. So many knowledgeable people here.


Just get a bucket,netpot ,airpump,airstone and start by running a bubble bucket with one plant. With one plant you can see what the plant eats and how much it drinks adding nute/water at the perfect rate. Keep your ph@5.8 -+ and the plant will kill it and grow way bigger than you’d ever seen


DWC is way easier than dirt/soilless. My set up is walmart bucket &lid cutout for 3”netpots. $8. The aquaactive air pump with air stones X4 drives 4 dwc’s. I used GH flora and didn’t pH even once for my first two grows. The nutes are formulated to hit and maintain the proper pH.


I only flower in my RDWC “about two months” grow in another tent in bubble buckets
I use the GH buy it by the gal and its about $10 a plant


Go dry lucas GH MaxiBloom and it’s even cheaper. I just don’t have the experience if it’s formulated at the right pH.