DWC really that easy?


Unlike most other hydro growers, I don’t bother trying to control water temps. In most cases my buckets/totes sit on the floor of my grow tent, which is directly on a concrete basement floor. In the dog days of August, my water temps get up to the 24C range. In winter they have generally been too cold (as low as 54F). Last winter I did use aquarium heaters to get my water temps up. I feel like that really helped me out when I got to flower in my deep winter grow last year. This year I am using a much bigger reservoir and I have a radiant heater right next to it, so my water temps have been around 18-19C.

I have grown plants in 3 gallon and 5 gallon buckets and 8, 14, and 17 gallon totes. I got root rot in the 8 gallon totes (similar to those Under Current style buckets). In that particular case I had a single 2" air stone (being supplied air from a 935gph air pump with a six size manifold on it). Once I doubled up the air stones (after a thorough cleaning and pruning away of infected roots) I solved that problem.

In general if I’m somewhere between 60-75F I don’t sweat it at all and haven’t had any real serious problems. I would only bother tackling water temp issues as a last resort (personally), unless you have a couple hundred extra bucks to spend on a chiller.


@Grandaddy013 there are “bad” aerobic bacteria, but just a lot less of them. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is an example. I personally would not water my lawn with human waste water, but it is done quite frequently. Many municipalities are moving to using grey/black water for non-potable usages such as watering lawns and landscapes.


Many municipalities use treated waste water. My question is, how much do you treat waste before you drink it? I think not enough


Not drinking…non-potable usage only. Not only do you need to worry about live organisms but also toxins. Dumping toxins into the lawn is ok, but not for drinking.


@WickedAle I know they get a lot of DRINKING water from Lake Lanier. I also know they dump millions of gallons of sewage in the same lake, but they say it’s “TREATED”



Eeewwww that’s just wrong :face_vomiting: We have a reservoir lake that the nearby city water comes from. No swimming is allowed because it’s the city’s drinking water. Great musky fishing lake/ reservoir…still glad I have a good well.


I agree. Gross. Think of all of the heavy metals being dumped in from the waste streams. I’m sure they remove the sludge but nasty.


I totally agree. Love my well


Back to the question at hand, I’ve never done soil, but I’m an old man that don’t want any more work than necessary. I run RDWC, and I think it’s pretty darn easy. Once you’re set up CORRECTLY, it pretty much runs itself. I have a drain on my system, and I refill with a garden hose. On mine, the most work is tying them down on the Scrog and keeping them trimmed.


That’s one plant in a 4x4 Scrog net


Dang, that’s one plant! Great job, I’m working on getting that good. Just started my dwc journey. Also have 2 in soil. :v::green_heart:


@boardsbird what nutes do you use?
@Grandaddy013 I believe you use MaxiBloom, but do you use any other boosters in flower?


I’m late to the discussion, I’m using soil. I looked into hydro, but new to growing, I decided against it. Some people just get hydro and others struggle. Saying that ill try hydro in the future I’m sure. Looks hella fun.


I use Liquid Kool Bloom and Dry Kool Bloom


The flora series, I buy gals so it’s cheap for me to use


So both use just the basics…
I use GH flora and a bit of ArmorSL during flower to stiffen up the branches. Been experimenting with Morebloom 0-10-10 in flower. But I like to keep it simple.


I’m still very much a noob(1st time germinating was mid-January), and I can say that when I tried to grow in soil I wrecked almost everything. Overfertilized big time… may as well have dumped salt on everything and chucked it all into a microwave.

Doing hydro now in a box, 17 quart DWC, 600 watt LED. Very conservative on nutrients. Did have one WW AF that survived my previous soil stupidity due to a flush and a transplant. It all seemed good, but then I transplanted it into the hydro system and now it’s shrunk in on itself; still green, but I think I may have put it through too much mayhem to get much out of it…

In contrast, I added 2 new AFWW’s and germinated early February, and they are already passing it by. Not to say that hydro is that much better; pretty sure I made a strong plant into a mediocre one with all my soil tampering. But so far, hydro seems to be ridiculously easy, so long as you stop screwing with it. I keep the PH right, check the PPM, use conservative amounts of fertilizer from this site and things are looking pretty good, so far. I think I’ll hold off on the micromanagement until I have some useful experience.

If you’ve read to this point, thanks for reading! If you have any advice, I welcome it!


Keep PH around 5.8, feed at 1/2-2/3 and give them air air and more air to the roots


The one thing I have noted with DWC is the plants are very sensitive to microbial growth in the beginning. The rockwool and clay stones harbor a lot of nasties and chew away on the young plants. Once you have a good root base they grow like “weeds”. You don’t need huge containers. I change weekly and top up with water between dump/refers. If the plant gets infected they never really totally recover, but can yield just fine. There is always some residual nasties that seem to hang around the roots.