DWC really that easy?


I did think about doing the angle… I just haven’t yet because I’m always busy running around after my son. I’ll turn it tonight when I change res out and see if it helps…

As far as the light, I do have the pulleys… This is how it currently is right now though. I suppose I can swap out but there’s not much more height room for the light to go. They shouldn’t grow much taller I hope, they’ve been flowering for about 2 weeks now.


Like bend how? Tie her down or just gently bend over?


The four hangers on your light tie to a single clip. Separate the sides and angle the hangers away from the light and you will have better control over the angle it hangs. Use a large paper clip for the other side or just use the carabiner clip on the pull hangers.


If she is not growing vertically anymore then just pull her a little bit to get a little space between her and the light but if she is still putting on height you might have to get a little more aggressive . You don’t want her growing in to the light


Ahhhhh I see now, I should’ve thought of that :woman_facepalming:t2:


Room temp maybe, but i don’t think that’s true about water temps in a dwc system. Would be curious to hear other dwc growers take on that. @TDubWilly @peachfuzz @bogleg


My buckets sit on a floor that is uncontrolled non heated/cooled space. My room temps/tent temperatures are probably more normalized to the room temperature (the rest of the house) than my water temps. I assure you the temperatures I spoke to above are water temps. Would love to hear others opinions.


What temps do you try to maintain in the bucket and what is suppose to be the ideal water temp range?

Plants look good. :sunglasses:


It’s this simple, no one can tell you what works for you, and my opinion is your plants look great!

What works best for me is to always keep my water temps below 70°. I’m a root rot magnet and go to great lengths to prevent it.

I take lots of measures to prevent it. My advice: stick with what works for you… if what has been working for you ever stops working for you then hit me up and i will run you through some of the things i do :wink:



So no general concern for water temps for the op looking to get into dwc?


62-71 degrees is good, 66-70 is ideal.

Did you know race cars are faster on colder days? That’s because the air is denser with oxygen in colder days. You can achieve a much higher air to fuel ratio because of it.

In much the same way you water will hold more O2 when it’s colder also. In fact, 55° water holds allot of 02, but metabolic process slow to a crawl when water temps fall below 62° so all that extra o2 is not very helpful at those temps


I would say the “health” of the water is more important than temp. I do frequent full changes of the reservoir and even scrub off the biofilm that appears on the walls of the plastic. If you create an environment where bad microbes can spawn and proliferate you could be in for trouble. That why temps can be so important especially if you can’t or don’t clean out your reservoir effectively with full changes or cleaning out your bucket.


Water temps, at least in my eyes, are always a concern. But i seen people be successful at 78 degree water temps before. I dunno how they do it because i sure am not successful at it.


Health of the water goes hand in hand with dissolved oxygen levels.

Ever seen a stagnant pond? It’s extremely anaerobic and nasty. Why? Because of lack of oxygen.

Water movement and water temps both can aid in making it aerobic and healthy because they both increase dissolved oxygen levels


And this type of environment arises from lack of oxygen


I understand exactly what you are saying as I used to Drag Race Pro Stock and an AA Dragster plus I am an A&P mechanic.
Also cleanliness is always so important.
Thanks for the range. :wink:


Not sure If your talking air or water temps. If it’s water temps, your in trouble, if it’s air temps, you will experience drastic plant growth, but your prone to a number of other negative problems. I’ve grown at 85° and did so so… take it up another 5 degrees and you will see crazy fast growth followed by all your plants turning hermaphrodite


Other way around. The microbes consume the O2 and create an anaerobic environment for the Nasty’s (anaerobic bacteria and algae) to grow. With more microbes the faster that O2 is consumed. If you don’t keep your system clean the harder it is to control you dO and your pH. With warmer temps the faster microbes grow.


I agree, cleanliness is extremely important, but it’s not where you say, “hey, I’m clean therefore I’m good”.

All aspects are important
Water temp
Water movement
Dissolved oxygen
And the list goes on


If my nutes aren’t 100% clear I have a problem" Bad pump"