DWC really that easy?


Unfortunately it’s more difficult than that. Tge water you pour into your pot doesn’t need to have the dissolved oxygen levels that a dwc system does. Also, you don’t typically store water for pots within your grow space like you do a dwc system.


The other thing about DWC is to have enough reserve liquid to buffer the PH. Not much of an issue in veg but late flower could get sporty when they are taking in a gallon each per day and your res is only 5 gallons. Big PH swings are likely. Adding a stand alone reservoir can be used to buffer PH as well as keep temps down.


Good question, I’m enjoying the answers and learning. I am currently doing a dwc bubble bucket for the first time to see how I like it. Good luck :v::green_heart:


My thoughts:

DWC is easy.

There are things that can make it easy, and things that will make it not easy.

Things that make it easy:

  1. Use as big of a reservoir as you can. The bigger the reservoir, the more stable the reservoir.
  2. Ensure you pump enough air into the water. You can have non-optimal water temps with enough oxygen (up to a point)
  3. Invest in a transfer pump and siphon pump to make water changes and management a breeze
  4. Invest in waterproof, quality TDS and PH meters

Beyond that complications are made by us with things like nutrient product selection and how we train the plant itself.

Things that make it not easy:

  1. Your bucket is too small for the plant, so you need to add water every day and adjust PH every day
  2. You get root rot because you didn’t put enough air in the water, or keep it cool enough

I love growing in water, and I will probably always use it as my primary means to get to harvest. I’ll give you an example why.

Two days ago I noticed the tips on one of my plants pointing down - an early indication of an nitrogen toxicity. A slight adjustment in my reservoir and one day later those tips were straightened out. I feel like I have absolute control over what my plants get this way and can mitigate issues more quickly.

The flip side is that I can also cause issues more quickly. Heh.

If someone wants to start with DWC I would recommend they go to a big box store and buy a 14+ gallon tote to use as their “bucket.”


I did a plant in a 2 gallon pickle bucket and it required constant attention. I put it in a tote that was half full of water and put frozen gallon jugs of water in every morning to keep it cool. And had to give it water twice a day . Got a green light in case the light turned off before I got back from work

bigger buckets now I don’t even look at for days at a time


Wow i didnt think about a bigger bucket being eaiser. I have several of those big black totes with the yellow lids i got from working at lowes. Question is just one plant per tote though? That thing could get huge in there


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One plant per tote. I am using the 12 gallon one. My reservoir came from the automatic car wash and had foamy soap in it. The one I have is 15 gallon and is perfect.


Don’t get psyched out that it isn’t easy. I use 5gl walmart buckets with 3” cutouts for 3” net pots and glass wool cubes for starters. $8 per bucket/grow site. I am trying to perfect the cheapest possible grow possible. Started with GH Flora series nutes (just the three part). It is the easiest as it always hits the right PH and maintains it during the 7-14 days it is used. It’s only when you start adding extras crap that you screw with the pH. But I have gotten great yields with just the 3part and a bit of KSi in flowering to stiffen up the stems. Most important investment is the light. Don’t cheap out on cheap China crap. You can build a great 2x4 grow light for ~$250. The extra equipment and trying additives in the flowering stage can come after your first grow. A lot use huge totes, but using buckets I can swap out the nutes in all 4 sites in 5 minutes but just dumping and refilling in the bathtub. No pumps or valves or recirculating, just air stones and a 4 port Active Aqua air bubbler to drive my 4 x 4 grow tent.


@WickedAle I’m not discouraged. DWC if most likely going to be my second grow. I’m about to start my first. Get the feel for how cannabis grows then go to hydroponics. Thanks for the tip about the nutes. And my light is going to be pretty good. With dbrn32’s help I’m going to but and assemble 4 hlg 130w QBs with a dimmable driver for a 3x3 tent


@dbrn32 is your man. He and @MAXHeadRoom got me to build my 4xQB304 light.

Also, use the power supply with the dimming built in (A). You don’t adjust the power often enough to need an external dimmer and the pot to adjust is easy enough to access and adjust with a mini screwdriver.


PS if it wasn’t for me adding sugar at the end of my grow I wouldn’t have needed to adjust the PH even once the entire grow. The sugar created an acidification caused by a bacterial bloom. The sugar hurt, not helped my ultimate yield.


@dbrn32 On the subject of water temps, I have been growing in a room for the last 12 months that has varied between 45 and 85F. The only issues I have seen is that the colder temps seem to slow the plants down a bit especially when they are starting out and don’t have an established root system. At high temps I have seen the leaves getting a “glassy”. Otherwise the plants grow into bushes no matter what temp.

@Myfriendis410 On PH swings, I haven’t seen huge pH problems (yes the ph ranges into the 6’s from the original 5.8), but I did get some PPM’s high enough to get tip burn when the plants were really taking in water. You do have to watch the water level with 5gl buckets, but nothing more than gallon/1-3days depending on the size of the plants.


I think it is. I just started growing and went straight to doing DWC with a big 27g tote, filled halfway… 3 net pots for plants, air stones etc. my plants so far look great! First grow :blush:


@beautifulL0V3 what size tent is that 2x4?


It’s a 3x3x6… I didn’t anticipate the two to get so big as they’re autos so… I may be moving to a 4x4 next.


I’m getting a 3x3 and autos as well. Your grow is going well!


Yup. Bushes! 3x3 will soon be too small. Set the tote at an angle and you will get more space in the corners.

This is a 4x4 with 2 fully grown and 2 partialy grown plants all in DWC:


I agree. I think I will go with buckets next as the res I feel is taking a lot of their height room and then only do one in the 3x3… Just order another tent :woman_shrugging:t2:

Right now I have to find another way to mount my light at the very top of the tent


@beautifulL0V3 I would bend the taller girl over a bit if you have any side room


Use the big tote as a stand alone res outside your tent with 5 gallon buckets for each plant. That will help keep temps down.

You can configure those light pulleys so they suck the light right up to the top. Can’t go too high but can gain some.