DWC really that easy?


One plants roots will fill a 7.5 gal pot


The algae is only an issue when the plant is just a seedling. Once it get to a specific size the fan leaves shade the lid and the roots are much more established.

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I keep the tops of my plants dry that maybe the reason I never see any


That would depend on the size of the plant. I flowered four plants on top of a 7.5 gallon tote and their roots didn’t fill it. I don’t think it would require someone to veg a tent to the point where root space would be an issue in a 2x2 tent, personally.


They’re taking over! LOL!!!

These are supposed to be AFWW’s from this site. “Should grow to 20-24 inches tall.” LOL! That light is 30 inches up from the tub, and they’re about 2 days from giving it a big wraparound hug…!

Thing is though, while the oldest is getting some frilly whites here and there, none of them seem anywhere near flowering, yet. Oldest is almost 2 months old, 2 are 1.5 months, and by my unlearned eye, they still seem to be going full veg. Getting a bit concerned they sent me normal fems instead of AF’s, in which case I’ve been bombarding them with Veg lite 24/7.

What do you smarter peeps think? Could this happen with an AF?


Yup for some reason autos take longer in DWC. My autos took 11 weeks to finally be in full bloom. They ended up being 5.5ft monsters. Got over a pound dried though.


hoooboy… looks like I may be forced to top these, then. It’s a 4 foot box top to bottom.


Start them on 12/12 , should help to get them going… :wink:


Glad to hear this is normal-ish! I hope there’s some pretty decent yield from these WWAF ladies and soon, as I’m really eager to harvest a Jack Herer plant.

In my case, I have a theory. Since there’s something to lean on, these ladies keep growing upward, leaning on a wall, and bolstered on other sides by other plants.

As I said before, this is probably not a revelation to you guys, but it’s new to me. Brand spankin’ new. I’ve been to a million websites for advice, but that’s nothing compared to straight up experience. Always learn from other people’s screwups, when ya can… but I’m good with hearing about my own screwups… politely, of course.

Still, I think they’re taking the path of least resistance. Which in their environment is up, and up, and up and apparently into the exhaust fan of their choice.

I’m looking forward to this grow concluding, not just for the obvious reasons, but so I can set up a nominal configuration in this box, which is probably 1 plant, dead center, as Wicked predicted. Then maybe I’ll get a big but not so tall, wide, high yielding plant.

And FYI, I was wrong about this being a 2x2 box. It’s 4’ tall but an 18 x 12. There goes my male ego… :wink:

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We can’t measure…everything looks bigger to us.

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Net it, my 3x3 FIM tent to make bushy plants for my flower tent


So if you put that net out, they hit it and stop, but start growing laterally, instead?

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They will grow through it and continue on their journey to the light.


Makes it so every part of the plant get the same light. Anything that doesn’t normally gets cut off


She looks gorgeous! Probably the best thing for my box. One plant in the center, separate and support the branches with a net as it grows.

It’s ugly in my grow box, right now. I guess yield is what matters most, but I bet there’s a ton of potential being wasted in there. Any one of my plants would have filled the box on its own by flower time.


With the one plant one res you can really focus on what the plant eats/PPM and how much water it consumes and not have to flush them all at the same time.
And I only have four plants growing at one time so Johnny-law is ok with that in most states
2 plants in a 4x7 getting 14oz-20oz per plant every 75 days was the plan :man_farmer:
Look at her stock, isn’t she a sweetie


Depending on your grow environment, you may need a chiller to keep your roots in the right temp zone to avoid root rot. Also make sure that the bucket is lightproof.

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Long overdue update… I’ve rolled long past the lucky beginner to the “what the crap is happening?” side.

Recap: White Widow AF’s from this site in a DWC. Started one mid January, started 2 others end of January; one I started later had promise but just got overwhelmed by the others in the box they’ve been sharing. I surrendered it for the sake of the others.

They just kept growing, well over the 24 inches indicated by this site, to the point where I moved all the light out of the 4 foot tall box they were in to leave the box open and light from the side.

Seems like a good thing to a noob like me, but while these AF’s have been developing more pistils daily, they have yet to flower. They’re 12 weeks from seed at this point.

Am I being impatient? For the 86th time in this thread I ask, “is this normal”???


They’ve gone mad!!! Mad, I say!!!

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Too many plants in single tub and not enough light. Next time 1 plant in a space that big. It may be difficult to recover. You would be better off with the light on the top. You should defoliate all but the buds and next level below and all of the fans. Bend over the tops without breaking the stems (called super cropping). You my have to chop off some tops to get the plants low enough but you might be able to get to the level by bending the stems in a couple places.