DWC really that easy?

DWC looks really interesting. New grower here and after i complete my first successful grow imgoing to try and switch to full organic or hydro. DWC looks really interesting but can it be that easy?
Anyone correct me if im wrong cause i don’t think it could be this easy.
5 gallon bucket. That cup lid thing for the roots. RO water. Add nutes and correct the ph to the sweet spot. Check ph daily and change water weekly. Besides the plant care is that really it?
Edit* forgot the airstone and pump*
I’m asking specifically about the DWC 5 gallon bucket rig.


Little more than that but pretty simple,i switched from dirt to water and will never go back,the growth is explosive


@Happygrow what am i missing?

Ppm pen,nutrients for hydro,fans

Sorry i forgot to put that. I knew about those lol I’m referring to just the actual DWC bucket rig

Grow medium,i use the clay pellets

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Air pump and air stone without them the plant would drown. Yes it can be that easy :blush:


Once you set it you will see just how easy it is,not as forgiving as dirt but way more fun

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Ive been watching vids on youtube about it. Just couldn’t believe it was that easy. Deff plan on trying it out!

Little things like how you mix your nutrients mean a lot. As long as you keep everything in check and keep the ph at 5.8 you have a good chance at a successful grow. Things you have to keep an eye on is not to keep the nutrient levels high. I usually keep mine on the lower side of the scale Don’t try to add everything you can either. Keep it simple for your first grow. I grow hydro but with an ebb and flow system which is a flood and drain system. I’ve had great success with it and glad I choose this method of growing. Here’s my latest grow at day 15 since putting into my system.

Here’s day 1


I may try another method. Just being new too much going on is intimidating. DWC looked easy lol

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I would look into all different types of hydro systems and choose the one that best fits. I started out with a recirculating hydro system and decided to go with the ebb and flow.


While i start up my first grow in coco i will be researching any and all other methods


“nutrient levels high” seems like just how a lot of soil guy’s over-water, hydro guys putting their pots to low
My RDWC is super EZ almost boring.

Just run 1 bubble-bucket with your coco, just need a airpump/airstone and a bucket

@boardsbird you can use coco with hydro?

They’re beautiful!

Change nutes every week PH ,then every two days I make 3 gals to add.The only hard part is pruning because the plants grow so big :man_farmer:

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The one thing i didn’t see anyone mention in dwc is your water temps. There are work arounds, but depending on your climate and grow space can be a problem.


Thanks @dbrn32 thats good to know. I planned on using room temp just like what i plan on watering with for my upcoming grow

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