DWC Purple Haze

It’s +/- 950ppm in distilled. Given some float room for scale accuracy, how well solution is actually stirred/mixed in, yada yada call it 900-1000 ppm. If you’re 1200ish safe to say 200-300 ppm there is tap water? If so, does that mean 200-300 of the 520 ppm is also from same source and other than what’s reasonably expected from the three bags? That would just be a couple hundred ppm of for sure mobile nutrients. Just being frank, but unless I’m way off there I’m not really sure how that could be expected to support what was indeed a flourishing plant.

Off top of my head, I would say that plant looks underwatered. I’m pretty sure burnt tips are also a symptom of underwatering, and everything else there falls in line. Seems a little silly a plant could be underwatered in dwc, this is where I’m lacking an answer and reason I probably seem open ended in my response. I don’t really have an answer, just an opinion of what I’m seeing. I would figure some sort of root issue is what I would look for. Too low of water level, or something damaging roots maybe?

Has @peachfuzz taken a look at this?


I’m sure that you have already checked this but too high of a water level can cause this as well :v:


Is it just a couple of tops that are doing that or is it the whole plant…?
What are your water temps…?
Are all air lines the same length and air stone’s the same…?


Good thought on air. Was wondering if there was a root issue as well. …


Have you flushed?


For the sake of clarity here is the transition formula I used on the 11 ASCs I had in my flower tray:

Nutrient Weight (g/gal) Weight (5 gal)
Part A 0.8 4
Part B 1.6 8
Epsom Salts 1.6 8
MKP 1.6 8

This yielded a PPM of 700 (estimated PPM per gallon at this ratio is 647) including the 76ppms of my base water. NPK ratio for this mixture is more or less 2-5-4.

When referring to Jacks style nutrient recipes we can sometimes get confused between ratio and NPK (i.e. 3-2-1 and 2-5-4).

The ratio for the transition formula above is 1:2:2:2 (A, B, Epsom Salts, MKP). The NPK is 2-5-4.


Oh gosh! Sorry this is so long.


I did say I would have to go back and look at my notes. 1040 not 1300. (Sorry!) :crazy_face:

This is what I posted on the 7-19

Which puts me in that range. I just cut the formula in half, OR based on what the plant is telling me and whatever ppm target I’m shooting for.

Again to be clear, one plant is killing it and the other is struggling. That’s why I’m trying to find a happy medium.
This started at the end of transition last week. This Friday will be 4 weeks since I flipped the lights.

This is how they looked last week on 8-4

and today

Full water level at 1.5" below net pot. 3 gal later in 24 hours = 2.5" below net pot.
Root are white as snow.


Its only my Purple Kush. Purple Haze is doing great. Both are in the same system.
Air stones are the same in both totes. I have 3 air pumps. 3 air stones per tote, so kush’s air lines are a little longer.


I call myself flushing, That, I’m not sure if I’m doing right. I let water cycle through the system till I reach tap water ppm’s. Then monitor and adjust. I’ve done that about 4 times throughout this grow. Seems that it hasn’t hurt so I think I’ve flushed?? Maybe??

Oh Chit!! :scream: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: That’s part of my problem. During my transition I used a ratio of 2-5-4


I completely misread that! Dangit!!

So, now that you figured that much out, how do you plan on bailing me out of this mess…lol? :cry: :sob: :cry:
It’s a wonder either of them are surviving…lol


@Bogleg I need to get out of this transition phase. Tomorrow I’ll do a water change, maybe even tonight. Got any recommendations??


I would run a 24-48 hour Florakleen flush then set them up with your bloom nutes.



OK, So I’m guessing I still need to ph the water correct?

I have Jacks 321 and that’s it. I have some GH bloom stuff but not sure if I should be mixing those in.


So you just have the A, B, and Epsom Salts?


Correct and some GH bloom nutes.

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I wonder if you could drop the B down, increase the A - would keep N down and get the PK up for flower:

Nutrient Weight (g/gal) Weight (5 gal)
Part A 10 50
Part B 0 0
Epsom Salts 1.2 6
Total Nitrogen Total Phosphorous Total Potassium
15.0 12.0 26.0

Base PPMs - 1500

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That can cause plants to stall for sure.

Good catch on the ratio transposed @Bogleg!


Are you using just the 321 schedule?
And how do you flush? I know you have a lot more water that I do? Just curious to know how you do, or if you do a flush.

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Empty res - refill with plain water. Add Florakleen per bottle recommendation. Let sit for 24-48 hours. I usually do set PH properly during a flush, but I’m not entirely sure it’s necessary.

Then after the 24-48 hour period (I usually just do 24 hour period) reset to with nutes.

If I were in your shoes I would just use the Jacks 3-2-1 schedule as is. Lots of successful grows have made it to harvest with Jacks 3-2-1.


In your case I think you definitely want to use a flushing agent like Florakleen due to the wacky ratio you had in the res. You can use H2O2 if you have that on hand.


And FWIW, here is the 2-5-4 ratio results when plugged into my spreadsheet:

Nutrient Weight (g/gal)
Part A 2
Part B 5
Epsom Salts 4
Total Nitrogen Total Phosphorous Total Potassium
15.0 3.4 7.4

I calculate around 1000ppm with that.

If you do use H2O2, then I recommend “rinsing” your reservoir with plain water between the H2O2 flush and adding nutrients back in if you are using any beneficial microbes (Hydroguard, Hygrozyme).


I actually changed water yesterday but like I said I have my system set up so I can change water pretty easy. It’s not a big deal at all to change water. Yeah I’ve got florakleen so I’ll try that tomorrow.


Well, at least I had that part figured out right. Just read it wrong. I think I got a plan.
Thanks a million!!

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