DWC Purple Haze

That’s the same as Birthday here.

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Happy cake day brother. You bout got everything organized now in your new space?

Thanks to everybody for your input! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

I’m gonna have to work on getting me a bigger res. Has to be narrow, deep and long to fit in my grow room. I’m mixing 3 gal a day.


Mostly, it’s about all the little things now, but I have 30 years to figure it out. Lol.

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PPM high, PH will drop, PPM to low PH will go up. Even with Jacks
Feed chart is a suggestion. With different lights different temps the uptake will be different.

Hey brother, I appreciate that info. That good stuff!
:+1:t2: :sunglasses:

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@Myfriendis410 @Bogleg @Covertgrower

I think I’m killing my Purple Kush. Not sure what to do.

Purple Haze is doing really good. I can’t seem to find a happy median for the two different plants.

The problem seem like it started at water changed, right after transition, within the last week.
I was running a 2-5-4 formula during transition. They were exploding. Both looking and doing good.
Should I have left it there instead of going back to 3-2-1??

PPM’s have been around 520
PH 5.5-6.0
Water Temps 68
Room temps 81 day and nigh
Humidity 45-60 day and night.

Purple Kush

This is my Purple Haze

Sure would appreciate any and all suggestions.


If you have room, let her ride. Something is better than nothing if that space were allotted to it. If you have nothing to replace it.

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Man it’s weird. Buds look kinda healthy but leafs look like they’re dying. Kinda hard to think it’s because nutes are to high (550). But, Kush does have nute burn. @Oldguy did I see where you grew a Purple Kush?


@spyonyou. Yes I did.It got a bit hungrier around the 3rd week of flower.
It was in pro mix tho.


Did you find it a little more difficult growing than other plants? If you don’t mind me asking what kind of nutes were you using?

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Wow and you read minds… lol

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I found it fussy so to speak. Couldn’t really set it and forget it. :wink:
I use gen - hydro flora nova 1 part mixes.

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Your TDS is low: yet showing some N tox. Run the PH up a little higher and bump up salts to 750 ppm or so. I know PH is high but may help balance uptake of salts. Can you bring temp down 3 F?


I probably can. You think the cooler temps might make a dif. I actually changed water today and used the Jack’s bloom nutes just to try something different because the 321 formula’s not cutting it with Kushie. I can and will change to something else if I need to. I’m about to get this water change down pat.

@dbrn32 here they are. :point_up_2:

@peachfuzz sorry I didn’t get your name spelled out. Please see pics above and let me get a hint of the your most humble opinion. Thanks! :sunglasses:

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If you go to the 321 formula then I would cut back on the calcium nitrate from 2.4g per gallon to around 1.5 or 2.

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I ran:
Part A 3.69
Part B 1.5
Epson Salt 1.5
for 5 days with no signs of improvement so I did a change today and am trying the bloom formula.

They were doing excellent at 2-5-4 during the transition.
Haze is doing great but Kush is struggling.

Is there any chance you have parts mixed up. I’m looking at this,

And this

520ppm isn’t 321 formula unless you watered it down or something. If so, I’m not really sure why?

From the outside it looks like you are way over complicating whats going on here. I’m not 100% convinced what you were seeing was plants dying. If they were dying, not sure it was because of nutrients. Did you chase down typical stuff here?


Well for starters IMHO, the plant has nute burn, leaves are curling, almost to the point of looking dead.

I’d have to go back and find it in the conversation, or my log, but full strength for me is around 1200ish. I’ve got nute burn and n problems at 1/2 strength. (600)

Because of that I have had to run a dif. formula.
Kushie has had a hard time with high nutes. Hazie on the other hand seems to handle anything I throw at her.

Ok, maybe I should have included and left it at “she is struggling” not necessarily dying, but she’s looking pretty bad. All sugar leaves are just curling up. Almost like they’re shriveling up and dying.

Bogleg and I discussed earlier problems that he had as well as problems that I had so I went with his formula based on a targeted ppm range.

As stated above, temps, air, ph, humidity and PPM’s seem to be in check, what else am I missing? It’s really not that complicated like you said. Plants tell you what they need or want right? My problem is trying to find a balance between the two plants.

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