DWC Purple Haze

They look great. I’m hope this humidity and heats gonna break before I get to far into flower. Just our outside RH is anywhere from 70-100% here lately. Inside, it’s tough to keep it lower than 60%
I think after transition, I’m gonna run 3 -1.5 -1.5 probably half strength. Any thought to that?

Two weeks of flower stretching!





Dialed. In.

I’ll tell you what, I had know idea they were gonna stretch this much. I could have filled that space easily with one plant.

I’m not sure about dialed in but am a work in progress.

It’ll be ok, I have plenty of height and more scrog fence to help support if I need it.

Is it normal to not see any trics yet? I’m pretty sure with the SD and the WW I saw plenty by now.


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Has anybody experienced ph dropping in flower?

Well, three weeks since flipping the lights.
Plants went nuts.
This grow is a fine example why not to grow such extreme different plants IMHO.
Purple Haze is loving whatever I feed her.
Purple Kush on the other hand is about a picky something or another. Try to find a happy medium is a challenge.
Just a few glamor shots.


Ph swings into flower aren’t uncommon.


Just about all the time. I can usually get away with managing with regular doses of armor si to bring it back up to the 5.8-6.0 range.

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PPM high, PH will drop.

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My ph always seems to drop , it usually never goes up…
My ro system puts out a ph of a little over 7 so I feed and ph to 5.5 and let the ro top up for 3 weeks and then I dump everything and start freash with next feeding for the time frame of flower…


Pretty much every time. In media or hydro. Organic material (roots) dying back and acidifying media or solution.


Every grow.
Happy Birthday @Covertgrower


It’s my cannaversary @Grandaddy013 thanks though!


That’s the same as Birthday here.

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Happy cake day brother. You bout got everything organized now in your new space?

Thanks to everybody for your input! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

I’m gonna have to work on getting me a bigger res. Has to be narrow, deep and long to fit in my grow room. I’m mixing 3 gal a day.


Mostly, it’s about all the little things now, but I have 30 years to figure it out. Lol.

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PPM high, PH will drop, PPM to low PH will go up. Even with Jacks
Feed chart is a suggestion. With different lights different temps the uptake will be different.

Hey brother, I appreciate that info. That good stuff!
:+1:t2: :sunglasses:

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@Myfriendis410 @Bogleg @Covertgrower

I think I’m killing my Purple Kush. Not sure what to do.

Purple Haze is doing really good. I can’t seem to find a happy median for the two different plants.

The problem seem like it started at water changed, right after transition, within the last week.
I was running a 2-5-4 formula during transition. They were exploding. Both looking and doing good.
Should I have left it there instead of going back to 3-2-1??

PPM’s have been around 520
PH 5.5-6.0
Water Temps 68
Room temps 81 day and nigh
Humidity 45-60 day and night.

Purple Kush

This is my Purple Haze

Sure would appreciate any and all suggestions.