DWC Nutrient search continues

I started with FloraNova and did not like the mess it left, then tried Envy AB nutes. these created too many deficiencies. Hopefully third time is the charm and I find one I can do well with. Bought Gh Flora gro and bloom, Koolbloom, floraMicro, CalMag. what else is necessary?

I use fox farms hydro formula

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I’d add a silica supplement (available in soil, missing in soil less and hydro) to strengthen the plant, for example

and a mycorrhizae supplement, grows big roots, for example

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@kabongster @Hawkeye_diesel I see all these other bottles of stuff, diamond Nectar, Floralicious Plus, Mammoth P, Terpinator, Ant Pee, Terminator3, all those different things. I do not want to personally be responsible for GH stock to rise, ya know. I have some BushDoctor Microbe brew also. Silica I do not use yet. any other must-haves? Opinion on these additives?

I go by this. K.I.S.S
I use a fox farm trio, simple and it’ll get the job done. Now I don’t have any experience with all of the other additives.

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keep it simple works best, especially when starting out.

the bud, smell and taste enhancers, sometimes with short term use, are a plus. The short term use can be a problem if the use is timed incorrectly or directions not followed.

When you use mycorrhizae, the very next day it’s shows. It grows big, happy roots. And it can be used at a minimal dose or with every watering through the grow.

A silica supplement strengthens a plant, helps fight pests and disease by growing a strong plant and makes strong stalks to hold buds up, it can be used during all stages of growth.

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Nothing else is necessary. I also wrote a paper at Canabisdotcom 11 years ago, and edited for here. It is in the grow FAQs GH 3 - part we call it.

I am an expert in using flora series, and 1st thing I can tell you is…You do not need CalMag unless you use the Lucas formula 0-1-2.

I sugest you start with 1-1-1 g _ M m- B alone. I will guide you through your grow if you want me to . Have a great day

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@latewood I am totally flattered that you would offer to mentor me on using Flora nutrients. Of Course, I accept your generous offer. Will start new grow journal for my ILGM WWA sprouts and tag ya when I get it ready. In the meantime, off to grow FAQs I go. Thank You Sir OK, read your GH Flora article; will use your dosing schedule. I did convert numbers into ml per gallon for each of Gro/Micro/Bloom. In doing this, it appears to me that in “Step 2” that .25/40/80 equivalent of 15/40/80 may need to be edited to be "10/40/80. :wink: Also, do I start with 3 ml of CalMag or not? Thanks in advance, I know how your time and expertise are priceless…

@latewood is this correct formula mix per gallon?