DWC nute burn at low ppm?

PPM has been at 1050 previously with the plants showing sign of needing more nutrients (ppm going down daily)…now that we are a few days into flowering the plants have been showing signs of overfeeding. Minor leaf tip burn on lower leaves under the scrog screen. I have lowered PPM but it has also been going up From only 900 PPM, and PH going down at least .1 per day. I try to keep PH between 5.6-5.8 even though I’m using jungle juice pH perfect from AN. Also I have been using just bloom and micro.

I’m not sure I’d consider that a low PPM. DWC can do really good at as low as about 500 - 600 PPM or 1.0 - 1.2 EC. But I don’t use jungle juice or AN. Reservoir temps (low dissolved oxygen levels) are often the cause of nute burn or nute deficiency like symptoms in the leaves, if everything else is seemingly perfect.

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Would you consider it normal for the plants to abruptly want a lower concentration than previously wanted ?

There are different nutrient requirements in the plant when it goes to flower from veg.


Awesome to know thanks so much for the fast responses. I’ll take this as a good sign that they are responding quickly to the shorter days. Today was only the fourth day flowering. One more question, do you think 12 hours of darkness or 14 hours of darkness is better? 12/12 v 10/14?

If I used 10/14 it would only be the last week of flower, otherwise I’d never use less than 11/13.