DWC mega bubbler test video

Here is a test video of my DWC bubbler setup using a 21cm air stone.


Noob question here. Is that how bubbly I should make my first DWC? Or is that too bubbly? (Unable to listen to the audio as I am at work, so I apologize if you already answered my question vocally within the video).

I have a habit of overdoing things so it may be over the top but the way I see it, the more bubbles the better.

You didn’t miss anything, there is no voice just the sound of the air pump.

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I did too, at least until I realised that over bubbling (24/7) can cause root stress and a significant drop in Ph levels. Plants just like Humans need some downtime. Give your girls a break. I guarantee you. You will be rewarded

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Thanks, if I notice any stress I will put the air pump on a timer.