Dwc leaves severe curling and roots damage


Hi all…i.m running 4 critical Orange punch from seed in oxypot with 8lt of Ro water and 3lt of tap water added 1ml/LT of awa leaves a+b rootfast and silicon
pH from 5.8
Ec 1200
I had hand watered them for one week then i put them in the oxypot…After two days the roots touched the water my water temp Is between 18and 20 Celsius and everything was going good.but After few days the plants started to show sign of toxicity!with severe curling and no new growth.some roots looks Brown but i don t think Is root rot.
Please help me


@Lollo Your picture didn’t load, but based on the description of brown roots I would bet it’s root rot. (Pyrithium) hydrogen peroxide will give them the oxygen they need, and kill the pyrithium.
Highly suggest to attemp the pictures again if you can to be sure.
@Bogleg @Hogmaster can better assist with hydro.


Thanks …my res temp are top good for phithyum
I Guess…

Tryed ti upload more pics