DWC Incredible Bulk - Treez

She’s blowing up! I need to transplant her into DWC asap!!



Transplanted the Incredible Bulk girl into her DWC home tonight! Here are pictures for you guys as always! I gave her FloraMicro, FloraBloom (Lucas Formula), Cal-Mag, RapidStart, RyzoFuel, and RhinoSkin. PPM was at 600 and pH was at 5.7

I decided she already looks so good and will be going through the the shock of transplant, so a FIM shouldn’t hurt?


The transplant operation

And there’s the tent!



So. Wow. This strain is definitely incredible so far! Here are updated pictures of her in her new home! She’s pushing out new roots daily and has already doubled in size. I FIM’ed her perfectly and you can see the results. Very happy with this grow already!

Before pruning

After pruning (I plucked the lowest growing branches that were starting)



Update with pictures!

Changed out the water for her today. I’m really impressed with this strain, the node spacing is tight, while still growing very quickly! Nice light green Indica leaves. I’m going to take clones from her because I love the strain, and then I’ll flower her in about a month.

On the left is a Gorilla Glue, on the right is the Incredible Bulk! Both Indica phenotypes, but still so different!



What’s up trees?? How ya doing buddy, I know you busy dude. But how is the girls. Or rather how was the girls. Should be smoking good right about now.
We miss ya homie @ktreez420


Been so busy @Nug-bug I really apologize for not keeping up with the forum! I miss you guys! I’ll get on this weekend if I get time and update everything and everyone!



Ya good to see you back bud! I’ve been curious if you got anything going in the canna career venture?

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