Looking good, man! What is the purpose of the three eye hooks in the basket?


Good question @3high5you, those eye hooks are used for support. Sometimes when I’m growing my girls to be huge they need some extra support, so I found that by adding these eye hooks it gives me something to tie down branches to.

Good observation!



Excellent idea! I’ll definitely keep that in mind, thanks.


Updates with Pictures

The White Widow is looking great, but has some white spots showing up on some leaves. It’s not from bugs, but that’s what it resembles. I’m working on figuring it out, so I added a picture to this update. But other than that, she’s thriving and looks so good! I thought about possibly putting a SCROG on her and just torturing her to grow into it. We’ll see, I’m always thinking of crazy ish tho lol

ILGM White Widow on the left. Iced Grapefruit monster cropped clone in the center. Iced Grapefruit clone (Yolanda) on the right.

Also, I had a WW clone (Julez) that was rooted and planted in a soil container. It was growing very nicely and had great roots, so I decided to plant her outside! Now she’s sitting pretty in the soil outside with the Afghani Gold clone (Goldie). So now I have two girls outside, Jules and Goldie, and I have them indoors as well!

There are actually 2 WW clones in this picture. Both have rooted and begun new growth. The one I took outside and planted was the one on the right side, Julez. I think my buddy might want the other one, but I don’t know yet.

ILGM White Widow clone is in the back right corner, Julez. And in the front is the Afghani Gold clone, Yolanda.



Sooo, I decided to really experiment with this plant, and placed her outdoors with her clone!

Crazy! I know!

Will it work? I don’t know lol!

Why? She was getting too big for my veg tent, but my flower tent is full. So it was either top her and LST her to keep her low, or throw her outside and see if she’ll accept the change. I’m thinking it’s a 50/50 chance, live or die.

I amended the soil slightly. I added Subculture M by GH, some earthworm castings, and some “Geo Veg” that I received as a sample from the company and figured I’d give it a try!

She’s blowing in the wind, so she looks weird here, sorry about the bad picture!

The back plant is the ILGM White Widow Clone, Julez. In front is the Afghani Gold clone, Goldie.

I couldn’t really take the plant out of the net pot without destroying the net pot and potentially killing the plant, so I thought why not just plant it directly into the ground, hydroton and all!

ILGM White Widow on the far left. Her clone, Julez, is in the top right corner. And the Afghani Gold clone, Yolanda, is front right. I put tomatoes cages around them today because it was really windy and I know that it’ll be good support for them as they get big!

Wish me luck lol!



That’s so wild, glad I can see what’s gonna happen, I think she’s going to take it like a champ.
Good luck though :sunglasses: