Last year I met up with a fellow member, @Bobbyb. We hung out smoked, and talked all about our lives and our grows. He’s a great guy, and we still talk at least once a week, and will actually be fishing for trout together this weekend hopefully!

Anyway, when I met up with him I decided to take him a clone of my plant at the time, and also some seeds I had. In the end, he gave me some seeds too, some ILGM White Widow seeds to be exact, two of them!

One was lost to the carpet, sadly. But the other I germinated and planted into a solo cup. Today, I transplanted her into her own DWC setup! Here are pictures of the whole process, and I’ll also elaborate on what I gave her for her first feeding.

In first home, a solo cup with perlite and soil (not actually soil, its the soilless soil lol)

The transplanting setup

Out of the solo cup, her roots

Halfway through removing the “soil”

After I have removed all the “soil” I can. Very nice roots already! ILGM truly does have amazing genetics!

How I place the plant into the net pot. Making sure the roots are going through the slots and hanging freely.

I hold the plant still while I back fill with the hydroton

Filled completely with hydroton

For her first feeding I gave her the normal “first feeding” that I like to do for my fresh transplants.

  • 1 1/2 tsp Flora Trio (FloraGrow, FloraBloom, FloraMicro)
  • 1 tsp HydroGuard
  • 2 tsp Cal-Mag
  • 1/2 tsp FloraLiciousPlus
  • 1/2 tsp Mammoth P
  • 1 tsp Diamond Nectar
  • 1/4 RapidStart

PPM was at 650, and pH was at 5.8 with water temp of 67F
This is my normal first feeding for the transplants. It seems to always work out really well, and from there I can tailor the feeding dosages accordingly. They start the same, but almost never end the same!

The Afghani Gold is in the background

And again, just to reiterate. This plant is younger than my Afghani Gold, and is still bigger with better roots and foliage. It’s just proof on how good of genetics ILGM has! Thanks again @bobbyb for hooking me up with the seed, and thanks @RobertBergman and everyone else at ILGM for the hard work!
I hope you guys enjoy the thread and good vibes!



Trees at it again I see! So informative, and directions with pics , oh yeah we in the right place, I :green_heart: ilgm!!!
Yeah dat way


My Man back in the saddle can’t wait to learn more from watching you do your unique thing with a plant . I ALWAYS think of what you told me when I’m trying something new and it scares me . They’re tough and harder to kill than you think if you keep your ph good and if it does die just plant another .


@Oldstoner you make me SO happy and proud whenever you remind me of how I helped you when you first started here.

You have come SUCH A LONG WAY! And I’m so proud to say I had a little hand in you becoming such a success. You’re a perfect example of how anyone can grow great weed, I’m so glad I joined this forum and met you all.

I also love that you guys are always putting out such good vibes, it’s so nice to constantly feel at home and welcomed when I read and post on the forum.



Much love back to ya brother


You appreciate it ? Hell I probably should have sent you one of my ww your the only reason she didn’t die young AND that experimental plant you talked me into keeping and playing with is the one that won BOM last Nov.on my first grow that was all you and a few others helping me get started . I just got a old friend blazed and he told me he has been paying 325 a oz and it is shit next to what we all grow . Told me he could get me 400 all day for that kind of buds . Is it really gotten that expensive at street prices ? Damn if so I need a much bigger friggen tent and more lights


well add me to the list of us who have been taught here, cuz I sure did not know nuttin when I first showed up. And I definitely have had better root growth in dwc using solo cup than a starter cube. What I need to know is what brand of clay pebbles are those? I need to get another bag and the ones I had were pretty rough on the outside.


I’ll take a picture and post it for you @bryan



Update with Pictures

Today I did some pruning on my little WW girl. I saw that she was already growing branches from her first 2 nodes, and I don’t want her wasting energy on growing them so I removed them today. Here are pictures of the entire process.

Before pruning, you can see the new branches sprouting from the first 2 nodes.

After removing the first set of new branch growth

And here is the final picture of the plant after 4 new branch sites were removed from the first 2 nodes.



You are going to love it


What’s the advantage of using DWC compared to soil?


Growth. Control and ability to see almost immediate results. Less chance for bugs. Less mess.There’s probably more that I’m not thinking of too lol, but it’s amazing and I absolutely love it. Soil was like riding a bike, and hydro is like driving a car.



I want to see if my bike smoke compares to your car smoke lol do you think it’s any better quality wise


it still takes the same amount of time to flower, but my one soil grow was still one of my best grows, and my hydro grows have always been great!

I didn’t grow in soil for long before going into hydro because I liked the thought of being able to control everything more and fix problems quicker. Had one bad grow in hydro so far, but that was only one plant out of 10+



Update on the tent

I took the Iced Grapefruit out and put her into flower. I also removed the LEDs and just left the 600w MH.

Now it’s just my clones and my two little girls.

ILGM WW is the botton plant. Afghani Gold is the top plant.



Updated pictures

These pictures are from earlier tonight. She’s growing so quickly I love it!



I took two clones from the WW, hopefully they’ll root soon and I can plant one outside!!



Update with Pictures

Last week I topped the WW, and come to find out, I think I FIM’ed her better than I could have ever tried to! Here’s pictures to try to explain and show what I’m talking about.

The red is where I did the topping, I simply squeezed and popped off the top growth like I always do!
The pink lines are parallel with the new growth from the topping. It’s incredible, I’m so happy with it, and it was all done by accident lol, oh how ILGM!



Another Happy accident!!


Update with Pictures

I changed the water out yesterday, and today I took pictures after adjusting the pH. She looks great, but I noticed what looks like some spotting on the leaves. I’m going to watch closely to see if I can determine what it is.

The ILGM WW is the plant to the right in the first picture.

ILGM WW is the bottom right plant in this picture.

After adjusting pH and pruning, I checked on the clones of the WW I had taken last week. To my surprise one of the clones I placed into my bubble cloner had rooted! So I transplanted her into a pot full of seed starting mix with perlite mixture. I plan on transplanting this WW clone outdoors.