Dwc hot rez during flower

So this girl started preflower on 8/12 and hasnt been drinking much for the past week. Im using the full fox farm hydroponic line up at full str. Havent had issues in the past but this time around my ec is stupid high. Around 1500 ppm now but had spiked to nearly 2500 when i caught it last week. Have been weening her back slowly to around 1k to 1100ppm to get her back on track.

My question is can i just dilute to the level im looking for or should i stay on coarse slowly dialing back so i dont shock her too much. Or is that thinking wrong.

I had been monitoring the grow with a tds pen that was scaled to 500 (accidentally) and based my feedings off that scale. Then purchased an Apera tds20 and found out the hard way id been pushing my girls way hard.

Also…anyone with experience using Comeback/Boomerang from Fox Farm. Would a 3 day treatment with that help? Im trying to avoid anymore lost time to rectify this situation.


Ec and ppm are two different scale measurements. I always use Ec measurement its more accurate. If your nutrient grow schedule instruction say keep it at 1.5 Ec or whatever , u go by that number , switch your meter to Ec mode. U dont gotta worrying about if its a 500/700 scale. What kind of light’s you’re running?

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Thats what i am doing. The Aperatds20 doesnt come with an EC mode only tds. Was very misleading when purchased. Either way its junk and wont hold or take a proper calibration. So im back to using my cheap EC pen that is actually on point.

As far as lights go im running the Ac Infinity s44 ionboard in my 4x4 and a sf2000 in the 2x4

That sucks . Usually apera are pretty good. Maybe u got a defected one.I have one for the ph for yrs. Your plants looks pretty healthy. I usually change my rez when i see fluctuations in either the ph or ec issues.

Hello @Ebb. I change my DWC buckets, I don’t have res, every two weeks with a fresh mix. During the next two weeks I check for tds and pH and mix accordingly. Some days you’ll need more water cuz they are thirsty. Some days they need more nutrients cuz they’ve been eating. Either way I adjust as I see fit for that day. I keep in mind my nutrient levels as depicted in my feeding schedule. I add/change water and nutrients once a day one hour after lights turn on. If I’m in a heavy growth period I’ll top off with pH’d water one hour before lights off. Of course I’m using filtered rain water chilled to 68F at all feedings.