DWC Help. What Do You Guys Think?

Grow light- HLG 650r @48 inches,1st setting
Clay pellets medium
PH- 5.8 +-.3
Nutrients- GH Micro, bloom,grow +Calimagic
PPM- 320
Water temperature- 71 degrees F.

I changed out my reservoir 48 hours ago due to the leaves curling under and the leaves turning dark green. I lowered the PPM from 700 to now 320 based off of what I had read about possible nitrogen toxicity. I am new to growing so any advice would greatly help.

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Also, it’s an autoflower GG4

They are looking good. Your feeding and checking the correct things.
Here’s my 2 cents:

  1. Add some beneficial microbes to your root zone.
  2. Drop you water temp below 70 degrees by freezing a 2 liter bottle overnight and place in your water been a few hours before watering. Cold water can hold more Oxygen.

these are good numbers for what I can see without knowing more…one of the nice things about hydro is most times a good flush can get you back on track to goodness…

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