Dwc guy trying soil, any advice


Well I think ive given myself a migraine trying a soil grow… Lol,

Theres as many soil recipes as there is strains I believe and each 1 claims to be the best…

So I got aggervsted and I’m trying a bunch, and planning out my next grow already, but any tips or tricks I can add is greatly appreciated, but I’ll list my soil recipes Bellow and you all are more then welcome to critic my craziness…

7 PLANTS, 7 different grows, all started from seed, transplanted into 2.5gal pots into 5 gal pots.

  1. Foxfarm ocen forest mixed with 25 to 30 percent perlite.
  2. FOXfarm ocean forest 2/3 with 1/3compost, 1Quart of earthworm castings, with 25 percent perlite added.
  3. Foxfarm strawberry fields, with 25 percent perlite added.
    Promix M, with 25 percent perlite using Dr earth veg/tomatoes organic ammendments
  4. Promix Coco, with you guessed it 25 percent perlite. Added with osmocote time realized fertilizer “with micros”.
  5. Foxfarm 50/50 ocean forest and strawberry fields. With 25 percent perlite added.
  6. My wtf bucket of Foxfarm ocean forest, strawberry fields, promix m, promix Coco, in equal parts with azomite, earthworm castings, lime, eposm salt, bone meal, blood meal, silica, , osmocote, and 30 percent perlite added

Last and probably most controversial but I wanted to see is
7. Miracle grow pro organics, with 40percent perlite added, this stuff was real thick heavy dirt.

Anyways this is my first soil grow, I’ve only done dwc in the past so I get the gist of it, but soil seems like a million ingredients and every swears by soil for taste so I thought I’d give it a try, and just let me know if you want progress pics there about a month old now.


I would love to see what you have so far. I myself grow hydro only and I am also interested in trying a soil grow.

I’ll get pics now, be back on in 15 min


I keep it simple. FFHF, 20 - 25% perlite, worm castings, and maybe some biochar if I have it around.

Hasn’t let me down yet.

If you use this add some dolomite lime to buffer PH up into range. Shouldn’t have too much trouble.


Your exactly right, new growth was yellowing the pH was at like 7.2 I belive, I sprinkled lime across the top and worked it in, and boom started greening back up.

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I have a hard time managing pH up to 6.5 after I get salt buildup and don’t want to flush every 2 weeks in flowering. Do you mix the dolomite lime in with the soil recipe? How much, if so? I assume it’s not a good idea to just top dress with it.

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You can top dress, mix in the top inch or so. I would ease into it with maybe a couple of tablespoons and monitor.

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I always mix a little bit in with soil and top dressed as needed and it seems to be working just fine

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Foxfarm ocean forest with perlite adedd

P.s, sorry for the plurple lights

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Promix coco, with perlite

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Miracle grow pro organics perlite and lime added

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My wtf bucket

With my mix of everything, it got twice as big as the others I went ahead and LST her down.

Toped, and LST, due to size

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Weird that the bag of wtf is growing so nice. They all look good. I may just have to mix me up some soil and try a grow out.

Yeah, I was very surprised I didn’t burn it, but nope, it’s double the size, all from basic easy to get stuff, I was like wweellllllll I guess a variety of different nutrients does make a world of difference

The ocean forest is short and wide, promix is tall and stretchy, strawberry fields is a hair smaller than ocean forest and my wtf bucket is litterlally double the size of all of them

Love the variety!
Mad scientist you are…I also have about 4 or 5 mixes going. Most now are re used soil with top dressed amendments. Can get somewhat hectic as I stopped detailing on paper what I do/ have done with them.
Just read them and do what I think they need. Wish I had kept my paper journal like in the past to look back at to make decisions but oh well they’ve all made it with a few exceptions.

5th year growing. I’ve decided i like two Fox Farm ocean forest potting soil,1 mother earths cocoa and perlite and a half bag worm castings organic. has anyone third this?