DWC Green Crack/AK47 Grow

Thought I’d go ahead and make a grow journal since I’m collecting all the data. Maybe someone could use the info. Sorry for the early pink pics, I was also learning how to photograph in in Grow Room.

Grow room is a galley, 3.5’ x 12’, with 16’ height. Separated by a zippered tarp into a 3.5’ x 4’ veg room and 3.5’ x 8’ flower room. Duct fan intake at floor on one end, screen door to outside at opposite end with box fan exhaust, and a small 6" oscillating fan in each room blowing over the tops. Auto-drain, automatic dehumidifier.

Green Crack/AK47 feminized seed from HomeGrown Seeds.
Germinated in paper towel. Put in RW.

Seedling stage in DIY aerocloner.
Rez fluid 25% mix Clonex @ 5.5pH.
Rez temps 73-80°F.

Veg/Flower in 5gal bucket DWC.
Rez fluid 2.5gals 50% mix Da Kine420
Base+Grow, +Mycorrhizae, 5.8pH
Rez temps 71-73°F.

LED lights as noted, on 20/4 schedule


6/16 GC1 into germination.

6/18 Taproot showing. Soaked rockwool in distilled h20, pH5.5.
Planted in rockwool net cup.
Covered with Mason jar.
Kept in dark closet @ 80°F.

6/19 Moved to GR in pan w cover.
100w LED tube @ 12" above.
LED spot warmer in can below giving 78-80°F.

6/21 Seedling w cotyledons!
+Clone fert 25% of mix into tray bottom barely touching bottom of net cup.

6/22 Seedling doubled in height.

6/23 Seedling bent over. +support
Moved to aeroponics
Rez solution: Clone fert @ 25% mix
Rez pH: 5.5
Rez temp: 78°F
Pump sched: 45 on/15 off, 24hrs

6/24 Seedling pointed to light, still resting on support.

6/25 Rez temp still high @ 30/30 pump schedule. Needs something.

6/26 Significant leaf growth.

6/28 Rez fluid change.
+100% clone mix @ 5.5pH
Rez temp: 76.5 b4; 69.5 after;
72.2 @ 2pm
Pump schedule: 7on/20off/24hr

6/29 Rez temp 76-79°F now.
Good roots showing.

6/30 Seedling bent over and rez temp high due to accidental change in pump schedule to 20on/20off.

7/1 Good root and leaf growth.

7/2 Rez temp back on track.

7/3 Good growth. Warm air temp. Turned off dehumidifier to see how much it changes.

7/5 Roots reaching rez fluid.
Turned off sprayer pump.

7/6 Moved up to 300w LED @ 24"

7/9 I think she likes the new light!

7/10 Transplanted to DWC.
Rez fluid 50% mix DK, 5.8pH/600ppm
Mycorrhizae in container.

7/11 Incr. light to 1000w LED @ 24"
Turned off drip pump.

7/12 Leaf size increase.


Looks good!

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Thanks! Hopefully it will continue that way. Hehe.

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7/13 So today, being the cheapskate engineer that I am, I had the bright idea of making a chiller…not for the fluid, but for the air being pumped into it. Seems logical, like a turbocharger intercooler. If I could get a 3-5° drop, that would be perfect.

I took a bucket and put a frozen 2liter bottle inside, then covered with water. I submerged about 10 feet of air hose, and the metal 5-gang manifold, which splits the supply to 4 lines leading to 4 rez buckets/stones.

Soo, feel free to join me…
smoke a big one and ponder this…
all 4 rez temps increased 2-3°!


Just a guess, the extra work getting the air through the extra length is causing some compression in the tubing heating the air. The tubing is a pretty good insulator itself, but maybe over time the temp will go back down. I would add some salt to the water around the 2 liter and try and that water colder than around 36 degrees. Might work better to have the air pump air intake in the bucket, with the cool air off the water surface.

@ItsPat , now that’s a good idea. Temps remain 72-73. Room air temps are 75-78. But, I was getting 70-72, before. I’ll add salt, and hang the pump from the bucket edge.

We’ll see how it goes.

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An update on the rez cooler…I abandoned the idea. Rez temps are running 68-74, nights cooler of course. Roots are white, fluid clear, no slime, and 5.8-6.2 pH.

The girls look happy, so I’ll leave it.
Some leaves are the size of my hands. Here is GC AK47 at 1month of vegging:

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Here we are at 7 weeks of veg. Leaves larger than my hand, and it has doubled in height in last 2 weeks, but I assumed it would grow taller than 3 feet by now. It is drinking a gallon every 3 days.

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Here we are nearing harvest. Went through one time of stress during 8th week of veg because I went to the beach instead of adding rez fluid on schedule, and in 1 day the plant lost 3/4 of its leaves. It came back well with new rez fluid, and saved me time pinching lower leaves! I now believe stressing a plant during veg makes better buds.

Now, about a week to 10 days from harvest, I just gave the last food, and buds are looking good and smelling super dank. Look at all those trichs!!!


Looking awesome!
Looks to me like you still have 2-3 weeks left at least. How long since you started seeing buds?