DWC - GG#4 - 600 HPS - Day 85 - need nutrient & flush advice

Girls have been and remain healthy. Topped, trained and SCROG. I think I’m still 7-10 days from harvest. Why? The flower bulb blew / dark 24 hours / used 300w LED (5w) and CFLs while waiting on parts. Plants got freaked out by the dark and then stretched toward the light.

And, fought spider mites. Reduced temperature and 10, increased airflow, and increased humidity at the beginning of flower. And ordered and employed a bunch of ladybugs.

So! I need to change the reservoir. I believe I’ve got five more days of feeding before 5 days of flush. What should I feed them, what do they need. what’s a waste?

Veg - Golden Tree / Base A&B / Cal Mag / Hydroguard / Plant enzymes / Silica - in Veg 1300 ppm and 6.0 ph.

Flower - Add in HS Flower Stacked and Botanicare Sweet. 1300 ppm and 5.7 ph.

NOW! If I’ve Got 5 more days of feeding what should I give her? Lotus if properly pH freshwater and get ready for flush?



I’m not familiar with any of those specific nutrients. But I would look to see what ripening dosage is suggested for each.

Perhaps a standard dose of sweetener and enzyme and half dose of flower stacked from what you were using previously. I’d look for at least a 25% reduction in ppm. The goal here is to give them just enough to squeeze that last bit of bud swell out when you go to ph’d water only.


@OMGLOLTHC I second what @dbrn32 stated. All out of likes.

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Ladybugs to combat spidermites? Brilliant!

How did they perform? Any side-effects?