DWC first home grow

Good afternoon, friends!

We’re starting our first home grow, and we decided to go with the DWC method. It just works well for the space we’ve made, and the system fascinates us. Today is the day we get her up and running, and I would just like some general advice from experienced growers! We’ve purchased some feminized autoflowering seeds for our first go, we just wanted to avoid popping any males.

I’ve read on here some different methods to use for germinating seeds, and I would love to read about some more. The method I think we’re going to go with this first go around is by soaking some rockwool, then gently shaking the rockwool out, throwing the seed in the rockwool, and then directly placing the cube into the basket with the clay pebbles. I understand the water should have at least a 1 in gap between the bottom of the basket and the water level.

Are there any other methods recommended? Has anyone had success/failure with this method?

We’re using 2 1 gal buckets for this specific 2 plant set up, as we are trying to keep the space relatively small. We’ve modified a wardrobe into a grow space, and have created an air tight seal with a carbon filter and everything. I’ve ran the whole set up, minus the buckets due to abnormally long shipping time due to 'rona, and its at about 72 F and 30-35% humidity. We try to keep our home relatively humid because we live in Colorado, and the air here is super duper dry. Is this temperature and humidity level adequate for the plant?

Thank you all for reading, I’ll be more than happy to post pictures of my set up or answer any questions about it!

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