DWC. First grow ever!

Gorilla cookie auto… running white and blue lights have a cool mist humidifier helps keep temp down . Running at 78 degrees and 60% humidity

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I know for a fact chlorine is in it because you can smell it sometimes. Like today, I lowered ppms and could smell the chlorine immediately as it was coming from the faucet. My sanitation district must’ve done another cleansing or something because this happened earlier in the summer and then after a couple days the smell is gone. That is leaning me towards getting an RO system more and more and a huge brute trash can to store water because I’m already tired of hauling water from one room to another lol.

I’m anxious to test out the new pH pen, I’ve considered getting a new ppm pen as well just to test the differences also.

As far as the light goes, I’m a noob as well. Hell I’m a noob as far as the entire grow goes. But with some research I’ve done, I have seen people do entire seed to harvest under the same light I have at 100% strength with no issues, however I know all grows are different. I’ll be getting a watt meter and testing that out also. I have a lot of trial and error going on right now to get things dialed in.

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Dont feel bad this is my first grow ever. Lots of research and reading … im sure my issues will show up sooner or later…

Hey everyone! So we got the new pH meter a couple days ago and I must say it’s very nice and I’m glad I purchased it. I got it calibrated correctly and put it to use. The difference between the Apera and Pancellent were .40-.50 points. Not sure if that’s a big enough swing to make a huge difference. I think it was well worth the investment though.

Also, I’m not really sure what to do at this point. I thought I was doing everything correctly, I’ve followed all the guides and taken peoples advice.

My ppms and pH BOTH keep rising and I’m not sure why at this point. I thought maybe it was because I was over feeding them. My very first bucket of nutrients my ppms were going down slowly and pH was rising slowly but that was also before the roots dropped into the bucket, and then once the root dropped It continued going down. That’s exactly what I wanted, but the plant had some yellowing so I upped the nutrient solution in case of a deficiency and then my problems really started presenting. Now my ppms raise anywhere from 20-50 per day and the pH gets up around 6.6-6.7. I feel like I am adding way too much pH down at this point. The initial ppms were 150-170 and when I bumped them up it was 300 and 400. Since then I’ve lowered them back down to 160 but they keep rising and fast. I’ve cleaned all my equipment throughly which includes the buckets, the hydroton, the air line, the tent. EVERYTHING.

The only thing I can think of, is maybe it’s the tap water? I really do not know at this point.

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This is what I use. Works great.

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I think this solves my RO water problem :joy: I definitely will be investing in a RO system on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

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