DWC finish help

I made a bit of a mistake.
I have 4 autos I started at the same time in the same tub.
one is almost ready for harvest and the others are not.
the roots are all tangled so I’m wondering should I empty the reservoir and fill with clean water to flush the one plant then reintroduce nutes, or should I try separating the roots and risk some root damage to transfer the net pot and plant to another bin?

There’s absolutely no need to “flush” the plants, which doesn’t remove anything from the flowers; therefore, you can just cut the finished plant at the stem and let the roots be.

Alternatively, if you feel you must “flush,” you could cut the finished plant’s roots until it is free, and leave some of it’s roots entangled with the others. Then place the finished plant in a separate bucket. I’d just harvest though.

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Without thinking I decided to leave two grow as they pleased, top one and fim one to see the difference in yield.
Not once did recovery time pop in to my head but now it is very apparent by the stages of flower.
Naturally the ones that were not touched are almost done the fim’ed one is well into flower and the topped one is way behind(of course it needed the most recovery!)