DWC feeding chart detailed

Hey, that’s the same system I got.
But next time I’ll be making my own system or spending the big bucks for a current culture system.
If you do get that system, upgrade the air pump as it’s not enough GPH for 6 sites, I spent about $80 for a 1300 GPH air pump and it is MUCH better.
Other than that, I’ve been happy with the system.
I did get another water pump also to COMPLETELY drain out the water in the system during water changed as the way that one is set up it will leave about an inch of water in the system and stop pumping out water.

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Hey is this per gallon or per 5 gallon bucket?

Hey man I’m doing my first dwc grow in a 5 gallon bucket using 3 gallons of water. Going off what you said, should I multiply your number by 3?

It depends on how old your plants are…
What was recorded above kinda makes it complicated…
I can repost if you would like…
It might make it easier to understand… :+1::wink: