DWC equipment list?


I’m running two 600w bulbs for 18 hours a day @MBgrower the electric bill has risen maybe 30$ a month. I’m starting another soil grow, my other sour diesel dried out and withered up since I’ve been working outta town. It got up to four feet tall and about four feet around still in veg.


This one died this week.


Replacing with this little girl. Sour diesel feminized from ilgm


@Whyteboy1994 What happened to her ? She looks so healthy and bushy !! That really stinks , so Sorry :disappointed_relieved: , How long did she go without water because she looks so healthy , she looks like she was going to be Huge, 4 feet and still in veg, outside , she had till September - October before harvest. When you start another journal, can you please tag me for that one as well, Thank you and I’m so Sorry


The setup consisted of (2) 600w mh\hps grow light kits.

(2) Lowe’s five gallon buckets

(2) air pumps from Wal-Mart

Some air tubing

(4) air stones

(1) piece of pvc pipe cut to my desired length

(1) submersible water pump

Timers timers timers I can’t have enough timers! I’ve got four now and am satisfied so far lol

My preferred nutrients

Exhaust fan and duct tube for your grow lights


@Whyteboy1994 hay I like that you want us to see what you got but try to cut out where you got it from that’s for you and the seller do to if the fuzz comes for you they can get your address and what you bought right from this page so again it’s for yours and sellers safety


Died? How did that happen? It looks awesome in that picture @Whyteboy1994


I had to work outta town for roughly a week @Sittingbull64 I’m assuming the mesh pot I got her in let the roots dry out way to much and she just died. I went to give her a feeding and she was already crispy. Live and learn unfortunately…


Oh ok I got ya…yeah had that happen before myself





Big bud feminized (DWC)

@peachfuzz @Sittingbull64 @FloridaSon @MBgrower took these pictures today, this sour diesel is looking better everyday!


Lookin awesome my man… those fan leaves are huge… :grin:



@Whyteboy1994 keep me in loop she looks good


Led is fine to grow with, as long as you get the right ones. You can easily replace a 1000w SE HID lighting with 600 - 700w of LED, granted you get the right LEDs, there are plenty to choose from. And if you are able to build a DWC setup, then you can build a kickass light setup to rival any HPS lighting.
Although the price point to get started with LEDs is higher initially, the savings in electricity, and the savings that some people see not needing to cool their grow rooms with AC adds up, and eventually you will end up with savings.
HID is great lighting for cheap though. Very cheap and easy to get started with.


It’s been a long while…due to family being complete assholes and using a threat of calling the local law enforcement I did the only reasonable thing and took the while grow site down and destroyed everything…

Another failed attempted grow…

I’m back with a new location now and I believe I’ve upgraded a little bit!!

Come check me out and stay tuned maybe this’ll be a successful grow…


@BigDaddyCain @Sittingbull64 @peachfuzz @MBgrower


@Whyteboy1994 ok now I hope u learns the cardnel rule of growing in places where it is not legal. Never tell anyone not even fam only persons that know I grow is my wife do to it’s in our house lol none else knows.