DWC equipment list?


You need to build a rdwc setup , so you can chill the other resovior with a couple of frozen 2 liter bottles… like this set up… :grin:



@peachfuzz I’ve got the reservoir for my DWC and am currently using frozen water in bottles changing them out about every four hours, but the grow room itself is way to hot I’m thinking it’s in a bad spot since most of the “fresh air” is from outside and it’s very hot outside here all the time.


A/c unit will do the trick. I’m growing in a 13ft x 13ft room, running 2 1000w MH/HOS lights. I have 6inch exhaust from fan to outside. I have NO problem maintaining temp. Without the a/c it would be hard to do imo. @Whyteboy1994


I wish I had a window to put an a.c. unit in @Grandaddy013 I think I’m in a bad spot


As long as you can keep your water temps in check , Air temps shouldn’t be a problem …
Also 2 liter bottles work better so you don’t have to swap them out as often… also I would recommend a 1/4 cup of salt in each 2 liter bottle … it will get colder then freezing and won’t melt as fast… also you should be running lights at night… if you aren’t doing it already… :wink:
My outside temp today is currently 116 degrees… I know all to well the heat battle… :wink:
I should also add… that pump that transfers water should only run for 15 min every 5 hours , that pump will raise water temps also and there’s no need to run pump any longer then I suggested… will be no benefit other then making your water hot…


Good info right there @peachfuzz loving these knowledge bombs. How long you been doing this?


116! Damn I’d of stopped growing until winter with temps like that outside.


14 years now lol… :shushing_face::grin:
But ya… just here to spread knowledge… much luv … sounds pathetic , but rings true in the end…:wink:
If I can help a person reach their goals with something as wonderful as cannabis… its medicine as far as I can tell… many more benefits then that as well… :shushing_face::exploding_head::lying_face::thinking::grin:




It’s growing fast didn’t even bother her with the topping, lower branches are almost level with the top two. Plus there’s two lower branches under those lower branches so the double scrog will be coming in handy with all this growth.

In my eyes things are finally getting exciting I enjoy seeing a couple new leaves every morning I come in to check on her, better than my wake n’ bake sessions and coffee by far! Plus I’ve finally got the heat issue controlled! Things are going good maybe I’ll harvest some potent sour diesel this summer…

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Looking really good and healthy!


She looks good @Whyteboy1994 keep up the great work!


Don’t go led I used led for my last grow and the bud was fluffy and not any kind of yield I was hoping for. I use a phantom set up phantom hood and a 315w ballist and maces it 600w output also if heat is issues try a ceramic metal halide Bulb that’s what I grow with no heat issues with no cooling lines I stay at 74 lights on and 67 lights off and bucket temps are 65 to 70 flushing them as of last night tomorrow starts week 4 and I’ll be adding nuits on sun for week 4 startill send a pick for week 4 on sun. Sry for got to say I have my pump outside of bucket to keep water temps down I use to have it inside so I got a new one that works on outside


Week 4


I’ve got my heat problem under control now so I’ll definitely be staying with my two 600w mh\hps.

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Hells yes! Looking good @Whyteboy1994…that’s a set of roots right there


Your gonna love that sour diesel @Whyteboy1994! Smoked a pound of it last year! It was a up beat make you want to rebuild your small block Chevy 327! Lol


@Whyteboy1994, 'AMAZING" - I’ve seen roots like that , so clean, full and in one piece , very impressive. They order you put the pictures in , it looks like the roots are your head, lol,
Thank you for tag . It intriguing how any plant can grow with out soil. I’ve already learned so much from read and watching your thread. I do have a question - how much does it cost for a basic set up to grow hydo and How much more is your Electric Bill ?
Keep up the Awesome Job !!! MB


Very nice looks really good


Dam Nice root ball @Whyteboy1994 amazing