DWC equipment list?


Beautiful @Whyteboy1994 Your girl looks good and healthy !


I’m used to seeing hydroton pellets in the cups, but what is the white medium you have them in? I must have missed that before.


It’s like a plastic Styrofoam kinda thing @FloridaSon water can’t penetrate it and it’s the best thing I could find to put at the bottom of the pot since I cut the holes in the bottom to big to hold the clay pellets. I’ve ordered the cups that are most common in hydroponics growing but I’m still waiting on them in the mail. I’ve forgotten to mention that detail in my previous post thanks for pointing that out.


It’s all good. Just thought maybe there was a new product or something.

I’m down with Redneck Repurposing!..


![0602182216b|375x500](upload://si LKmuPEO4D9frBCwmo6nnek22Y.jpg)


They grow up so fast!


Looks like you are on your way! I’m gonna do an indoor grow after summer and may do hydro but not decided just yet…good luck with yours


At this point you need a 1 inch air gap between the bottom of your pot and the water line…
Other then that your looking good… :wink:



1 inch gotcha! Thanks @peachfuzz


love seeing those root balls. Keep it going @Whyteboy1994 Shes nice and healthy!


@Whyteboy1994 I see you topped her , she looks so happy and healthy , GREAT JOB !!:+1 :sunglasses:
I’m transplanting today , so I should have some photo’s later on this afternoon, I should be posting today if not I will tomorrow


This is my 5 gal 5 bucket rdwc week 3 just started


Tell me what u guys think of the growing


Looking beautiful!


@MBgrower @livefast


Lookin good man :call_me_hand: @Whyteboy1994


Very interesting@Whyteboy1994 , they are srill baby’s and ther ROOTS are so big + They are so green. I’m so intrigued , Absolutely Amazing
Two thumbs way up :+1::+1: Great Job :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

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I’m just hoping I can keep everything nice and healthy for about four months lol these hid lights are ridiculously hot grow room never goes below 29°c so something has got to be done before I get to far into my grow this season. Any advice I’m almost positive that my air cooled hoods for my lights aren’t stopping any heat from warming the room I can put my hand about 18" away from the lights and it’s just as hot as when I had my open hood reflectors in there, I’ve thought about going l.e.d. but it’s to much money right now.


Read my last post and please try to help, I can take more pictures of my setup and exhaust system if you need to see everything better. Thanks in advance can’t sleep at night knowing my baby’s out there burning alive

@peachfuzz @Justgrowin

Do you guys know anybody else that could share some knowledge please tag away.


Tough on a budget but either of these should work in a smaller space. image