DWC equipment list?


I’ve got my 5gallon bucket with two air stones in the bottom, the top has been made and sits about 1" above the water. Feeding General hydroponics flora-trio with cal-mag then topped off with Botanicare hydroguard. Blue dream fem will be the strain I continually grow from this setup. Two 600w MH/HPS lights; the room has a exhaust at the top of the room and stays at 30C° with the lights on and 23C° while the lights are off, humidity starts in between 30% and 55%. Will be scrogging for quite a while as long as possible anyway, hoping for 2 months. Vegging so long because my goal is 1lbs per grow (1 plant).

What’s next on the list?

What kind of equipment successfully works for you guys?


A five gallon bucket will probably only hold 3 gallons of water which a one pound plant will suck down fast once its mature. This can lead to reservoir imbalances.

Allot of people here use totes instead of buckets so they can have a larger reservoir. Totes make things very easy.

If you have to stick with buckets you can do what I did to add more water which is here


This also allows you access to your reservoir without having to lift your plant up


Thanks! I sure didn’t think about that, those roots will get very big and will be drinking everything up within a few days. An imbalance is not what I need on my first Dwc! The link doesn’t show the instructional pictures on how to build it, I get the gist of what it’s getting at. Going to do some research on the whole thing.



Nice set up @Whyteboy1994
A larger tote would be highly suggested especially if you intend to fill that screen as full as I think you intend to. As @TDubWilly mentioned. She’s going to need a lot of water and nutrients and towards the end, she will be a hungry monster. Welcome to ILGM.


Mine looked like this

This is another one I built for @Majiktoker, I’ll ship it out asap buddy!!! Lol


You have a super legit setup there @Whyteboy1994


This is the latest one I built for myself, I engineered it to hold almost 10 gallons


@Whyteboy1994 I’m using 20 trash cans. 2 plants, one reservoir. My plants are drinking approximately 5 gallons of water a day


Thanks guys, am planning on buying all my equipment for the said project. Gonna post pictures within the next few days.



I finished finally, now what’s the next step guys?


@Donaldj and @peachfuzz are more experienced in hydro than myself they can better assist you. @Whyteboy1994


I was thinking starting with a clone the first time in hydro, I’ve got a sour diesel growing outside right now nice and healthy. She’s around 1 1/2 months at the moment. It was suppose to be an auto but it’s still vegging hard.



You will need a lil pump to pump water to the bucket with the plant in it… about 30 min every 5 hours so you don’t heat up the water…
The bucket with no plant in it is your control bucket , where you will check ph , ppm , add frozen water bottles if needed and instal recirculating pump… :wink:



Have any reliable pumps in mind? Or where would you recommend getting one?


Here is the simplest rdwc systems that I make… hopefully you can make sense of these pics… :wink:

As you can see , I pump water from the 5 gallon bucket to the 3 gallon bucket and all together the system holds 5 gallons of water and has 2 air stones in the plant bucket with two 2 liter frozen bottles in my control bucket if needed… that 5 gallons includes the 2 liter bottles… the pumps I use are lil fountain pumps that run 75 gph which I run 30 min every 5 hours … plenty of circulation… :wink:
I can put up more pics of needed…
I get my pumps from lowes for $19 bucks…
They have a built in filter and work like a charm… I’ll see if I have a pic…



Here it is together and here is a pic of how well it works under cfls mind you…


Clones going in…

And here’s what they turn into… 2 foot tall by 4 foot wide just about…

Wrong pic , but you get the picture…

I’ll see if I can find the pic I was referring too…

Dangit… wrong pic again… hard to tell pics… using my stupid phone… those are my rdwc veg totes in the last pic… the pics above that are my clone overflow area…


Awesome, will I need a separate 24 hour timer to run it automatically every five hours?