Dwc dumb question

Following my directions on general hyrdroponics ,im in week one of flower,so does this mean after week one i change the nut mix to week 2? Or do i wait until i see the beginning of flowers first

I feed the ‘transition to bloom’ mix of GH Flora during at least the first two weeks of 12/12

Its 10 milliliters of each (2-2-2), check the chart on your bottle
-good luck


Awesome,thanks for the info,nothing on the bottles do3s it say for how low long other than one week,wish it grew that fast

If you are using General Hydroponics Flora 3 part there’s a chart on each bottle on the back which will give you feeding suggestions from early veg thru bloom

Ill have to look at them,i have been using a chart that i was given,thank you

I couldn’t get it to focus but on the back of a bottle, this chart

I wait 2 weeks but it’s usually closer to 4 before I switch them to the full bloom cycle but it depends on the plant