DWC / Coco Perlite

I have a few questions. Can I take a sour Diesel clone that has been growing and veg stage for the last 8 weeks in a DWC (bubble buckets) set up and transfer it into a pot using coco perlite mix?

Yes you can.

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Agreed, as long as you don’t do too much damage to roots in transfer.

I also would like To know if I can use white 3 1/2 gal buckets to grow in ,using the DWC method? I’m not sure exactly what the light does to the root system. I keep a very close eye on the amount of Nutrients I add,as well as PH checked couple times a day. I use rainwater Like I have been the past two years with no issues. I just lost three plants due to root rot. I lost a Maui Wowie, Sour D, and bubble bom. They were four weeks five weeks into flowering. I was so disappointed. I keep my humidity between 459% and 55% the temperature stays between 72 and 78 during the day and get down to 68-70 degrees at night!

Black buckets are best. Roots don’t like light, but Besides that, white allows light in, and algae can grow in there.


Make sure when doing pot transfers you use H2O2, 2 tbl spns per gallon, works wonderfully when transplanting and germinating. If not sure go to YouTube.