DWC bubble bucket ph trouble


@Hammer awesome roots and when I started dwc buckets I used nutes then had issues and stopped nutes and started using pond wastes, friend has koi pond, and haven’t used nutes and haven’t had issues since. Yep some products out there are so thick and says it’s for hydro and it’s not. I like the fish poop way I know fish


wow wow and wow again , very nice root system.


Hey @Hammer. Did you do anything with the roots after you cut them off


Very interesting question @bryan ,I am curious too :innocent: :v:


@bryan the ones i let on ?? or the one’s one the floor ??


I would interpret that he was asking about the ones on the floor , which I can answer that for him… they will be slime in about a day and a half to two days… which means nothing but trash unless for some reason you can add them to your recycle bin… :wink:



burnt in hot wood stove . but i was given a recipe to make a ointment using them for skin cancer … but never got to try it .as to the one it was for said Hell No when he found out it was to be made from MJ roots . so my father will suffer other then use any form of mj product
he’s that biased …


Never heard of such a thing… will look into it… lil sis has cancer. … :cry:



@peachfuzz .sorry to hear that . is it skin cancer ? It took a few but i found the recipe i was given on this ILGM site so will post it for you .



Thank you so much brother …no actually it is stage 3 breast cancer and she’s been going through chemo for the last two-and-a-half to three months and then in the next week and a half she’s going to go and get her breasts removed and some of her lymph nodes and then after that she will go into radiation therapy for another 2 months and after that hopefully she is cured… the only crazy thing is that she’s an amazing person and a hardcore fighter …she was in the military …she’s an MMA fighter …she’s just a really cool person and it sucks that she’s going through this… trust me she’s a hell of a lot stronger than me… I’m an old man and she’s only 26… I just wish that I could trade her places …such is life… :cry:



@Hammer thank you sir, I knew I had seen something about using roots. hope to be able to dry roots after harvest to be able to use them for salve-making later on.


I’m so sorry to hear this dude! I’m 27 and can’t imagine going through that! My prayers and vibes are with you both!



I was having similar issues. I addressed the problems by doing a complete reservoir swap every couple days (a new bucket), retaining the same lid. I cut a shield out of a coffee lid to block light from my air line cutouts in the lid, and surrounded my rooted plant with expanded clay pellets. Been using the GH floratrio, I’m on the 4th week of flower with some nice colas and fat bads (it’s a Mexican Sativa). The complete bucket swap solved my ph problems, and the constant switching of reservoirs took care of the algae situation. I’m running 4 airstones in one bucket. The good news is, I will definitely be in good supply for the holidays!