Dwc and sog how to

So, how does a guy or gal do a sog with dwc? With the nute changing seems a bit tough.

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some buckets have a hose on the side at the bottom for quick and easy removal/addition…
do you mean screen of green?

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@TDubWilly Done a nice Job, He should have some good ideas for you.

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Yes,thats what i wanna try

Big tote, lots of holes in the lid. :slight_smile:

If I were doing DWC+SOG I would use something like a 27 gallon tote with a bunch of net pots in it:


In my 4x4 tent I’d probably run two of those with 8 or 12 plants for the attempt.

One tote for 6 plants would make reservoir management much easier than six small buckets.


For hydro, a vetvac is your best friend. Can easily take the water out and then just fill with a fresh dose. That’s what I did when I ran hydro

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I use a transfer pump for doing complete reservoir changes (14 gallon tote under each of my plants):

I use a siphon pump for topping off the totes in between changes:


There’s that option as well, never tried that avenue of approach. Wervat was my go to

How do you go about lifting the lid off to add or remove nutes without disturbing the upper growth?

In the early stages it’s easy. I actually just lifted the whole lid off and put it on top of a new bucket for reservoir changes when I was in smaller buckets. In the totes I’m using now I just cut flaps in the lids that I can open and close.


Maybe you can see it in that pic.


I run a scrogg grow… so I built in rdwc with chiller tanks so I never have to touch my plants… :wink:


All’s I do is maintain my reservoirs… super easy super simple and I never have to touch my plants… :wink:

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Now i need to loom at that more closely,i know nothing about rwdc,how does that work? On the big tote with one plant is that a basket that fits a five gallon bucket? Also, what about yield? Is it more or about the same?

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Yeah I had originally been using smaller buckets but my roots out grew them. As far as yield I’ll let you know in a month or so. :slight_smile:

That being said yield will depend on many other factors and I don’t think my tote size will be the limiter. It will be light or humidity or my nutrient levels or something else. I do know the totes are easy to maintain and I have two good plants going deep into flower.

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I have been doing what i would say really good with dwc,however it just really seems im loosing out without the scrog

How big should the screen be over the plant? And how high over the bucket?

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That depends on what kind of plant - indica or sativa, for example, how long you want to veg, etc. In my case I grew my plants to fill my space as best I could. That took 60 days of veg time.

My screens are both around 20”x40”. The one on the left The top screen is 15” from the top of the tote and the bottom screen is 9.



Holy crappers,beuatiful,im doing the ILGM blackberry kush and LSD,i have been cropping but they get so heavy i always have to tie the branches

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I will be doing a BBK next grow (March time frame) so will definitely keep an eye on your grow.

I better get some pics up,about 6 inches tall so far,in happy frog until my buckets are open,nust chopped my pinaplle haze down last night and have one huge juicy fruit that js close, then the bbc and lcd go in

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Been there done that I even have a 50gal unit :wink:

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